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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 9/30/2017

Internet Safety PSA

So I really don't want to be anyone's mom here, but I do also know a lot of people around here are quite young (or at the very least underage) and might not have gotten the same internet safety speals people my age did in elementary school.
Using your real full name or first name plus initials is always a bad idea. Using your first name is okay if you're really attached to it, but anyone who gives out more than that will be asked to change it. Obviously I can't force you to change your display name and there will be no repercussions if you ignore me, but the request will be made.
From here on out, anyone who posts pictures of themself will recieve an official warning. I don't care if the picture is actually you and will not take any steps to verify it. If you post a picture of a real person and claim it is you, that's enough for the warning. You all need to take basic steps to protect yourself.
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• 6/19/2017

Dont be sad!

This wiki may be small, but not abandoned! If we all work together, I'm sure we can make it a better place!
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• 6/6/2017

TMMF Wiki Mascot!

do you like it? this is the basic
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• 5/6/2017

Welcome to the Mew Mew Hotline!

The Mew mew Hotline~! is run by KiraKira-Chan.

Welcome to the Mew Mew Hotline! For all you Mew creators who can't draw, here is where you can drop a description of a Mew that you need drawn, and one of our lovely (and willing~) volunteer artists will create an original picture just for you!
It's super simple, just fill out the form like the example below and start a discussion with the topic as your Mew's name! (List of artists here)

Please note that in order for one of the artists to accept your request, your Mew must have an existing page on the wiki.  This is not simply a place to request whatever free art you feel like, thank you!
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• 5/3/2017


Here, anyone on this wiki can talk about anything they want!
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• 5/3/2017


The Current artists are listed below. Feel free to request art, but keep in mind they won't always accept.
Usually uses bases, but can draw by hand and digitalise as well.
Uses bases and can draw by hand and digitalises. (Deviantart)
2D Wonderland
Draws by hand and digitalises them.
Are you an artist? Just ask and you will be listed here. Including a discripion of your art strengths.
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• 1/24/2014

Visual Editor

After about ten minutes of trying to create a link and having pretty much everything but the text I wanted to be a link made into a link, I disabled the visual editor because I'm about 100% done with it and its glitches, thank you.
Unless there's overwhelming support for the visual editor it will remain disabled.
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• 1/19/2014

Who is your favorite canon character?

Basically, in attempt to get to know people better on the wiki, a simple question has been asked. :3
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• 12/25/2013

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas uvu
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• 12/22/2013


I hereby decree that we will have one because of reasons. I was thinking that maybe we could have a contest for the design, but before that I think we should settle on some limits for it. An animal and a food name maybe? If anyone has any suggestions it would be great if you could post them!
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• 11/6/2013


Please post your featured article nominations and all that jazz for the month of January here uvu

Berry Shirayuki
Tokyo Mew Mew: Replaced
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• 10/15/2013

Settle a Bet

Do non-Canadians really not use the word tuque??
I mean really?  Then what do you call the second best type of hat?  I mean is it just another hat?
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• 10/1/2013

October Nominations

You can place your nominations for October here.
Current Nominations:

Xin Tsun Ly
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• 9/27/2013


I enabled a new achievement track for the "Stories" category.  Now there are badges for making a certain number of edits that are specifically related to pages within the "Stories" category.  I'm hoping this will sort of encourage people to edit their stories and keep writing them because, you know, badges.  These badges go in the same increments as the regular edits badges (1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, ...) it's just that, you know, they only count edits made to pages in the "Stories" category yup yup.  (And if anyone objects to me giving them cheesy author-related names, speak now or forever hold your peace.)
Also, while I was there I noticed an achievement track existed for the "Mew Mews" category, but was never enabled.  Would the admin who did the thing please step forward so we can discuss enabling this one too?
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• 9/16/2013

September Nomination Board

Please post your nominations here, thanks! The page that recieves the most votes will be October's Featured Article.
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• 9/16/2013

Rules and Requirements

Alright, so here's the deal:
Rules are:

You can vote for a page however you want to, but if we decide against going with a poll format, you will be required to at least partially explain your choice.
You can Nominate up to two pages each month, but you must state why you think this page is worthy of the Featured Article in at least two sentences.
Please do not vote for your own page. Give others a chance to win too.

You are allowed to nominate your own pages. 
Requirements for the Page:

It must be a complete page, please check the categories to see if it is complete or not.
This is optional, but I think you should avoid voting a page because of the artwork. What about the personality and the depth of the character?
The page can be anything from objects, to stories, to Mews, and everything in between.
Go forth!
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• 9/7/2013

Category Changes

First of all: The age-related categories were used pretty sporadically.  Less than half of all characters were in all of them combined pfft.  I meant to put that as the summary on the last edit I did with those categories, but I forgot //sobs
Petition to rename the "good people" category to "Heroes" and "evil characters" category to "Villains.  We already have "Anti-Heroes" so we might as well have tham all match and not sound so childish.  (Please to note: a hero and a protagonist are different things just like villain and antagonist are yo.)
So I did some work on the weapon-related categories.  Combined some that were similar (all bladed weapons now go into the "Weapon Users: Blades" category which was very nearly named "Weapon Users: Pointy Things") and added a "Weapon Users: Other" category.  We pretty much have all the main bases covered so everyone else can just go in there.
I also did things with the different Mew Genes categories because of reasons.  Mostly just changed them all to "Mews with _____ Genes" instead of girls because there are some male Mews here or something idk.
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• 6/15/2013

Navigation Bar

So some of you may have noticed I've just been messing with the top navigation bar like crazy.  Because of reasons.  Well I can't edit the "On the Wiki" section, but I can edit the "Community" section as well as add new ones.  So I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what we should do with it.  Because it's actually a terrible idea to just leave it to me to deal with.
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• 6/14/2013

New Forums

I know we don't really use these anyways, but I thought I'd mention that I upgraded the wiki to the new forum.  I think all it really did was change the post editor to something more like the regular comment editor and make it look a bit more streamlined.  (But who knows, maybe now someone'll find a use for these forums.  And if anyone has something in mind I think I've got creating and editing new boards all figured out so just ask if you want something specific yup yup.)
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