• FuchsiaMuffin

    Hi! I dont know how to start this post but lol. This isnt a self-promotion thing or bragging, i just need some help and advice?

    I've been in the Mew Mew fandom in a while and in the fanime fandom for anfew years. I know in the fanime community its almost a sin to make a Tokyo Mew Mew fanime but i have an interest in making one. Ive been working on my series for a few years and staying close to the source material.

    I guess my question is would anyone be interested in it? It could be from watching it to even helping my series grow. I have no idea if id be allowed to post my mew information here, so id ask if im allowed to do that.

    Thank you! And if this isnt allowed i will delete the post!

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  • RoyalHistoria

    Okay, another update! They did both procedures at the same time, so I've spent the last couple days recovering while dealing with stomach pain from the healing incisions and a sore throat from the oxygen tube they used.

    We were discharged from hospital and are currently staying at this place run by the Cancer Council, the room we're staying in is actually pretty nice.

    The day before the procedure this chaplain called Dave came in, explaining that he just comes around to bother people and give them someone to talk to. He joked that I don't have to worry about him trying to convert me because he "doesn't know how to", he also told me a couple of pretty funny dad jokes.

    Then the day of the procedure I was out in the hallway using my laptop when …

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  • RoyalHistoria

    I’m back, kinda. I won’t really be able to do any editing because while the hospital I’m in does have wi-fi, it’s super slow. I just wanted to give a rundown of the past few days.

    The hospital in my town doesn’t have the equipment to do ultrasounds, instead you have to drive 40 minutes to the town my mum lives in, so she picked us up and took her. While waiting for my appointment I got sick in the bathroom.

    Mum goes into the ultrasound room with me, while nan waits. The scan reveals that I have gallstones, quite a few of them. Nan is then brought into the room and the doctor explains that I’ll have to go to Adelaide to get them removed. Mum takes us out for lunch then drives us back home.

    Later that afternoon the pain starts back up and I get…

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  • RoyalHistoria

    As the title says, I was in hospital again, this time for two nights. I was allowed to come home today because the hospital can't really do much than observe me until tomorrow, when I have my scan. Honestly, other than the pain and nausea the worst part of this whole thing is that I broke my 112 day editing streak!

    Anyway, that's why I suddenly disappeared for a short time. I also won't be updating my spreadsheet until I'm 100% better, so I apologise for that.

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  • AnnikaDoll
    I've addressed this before, but I have a few things I want to address regarding pages:
    • We have 440+ pages that are incomplete out of 800.
    Maybe we need to start completing pages. I can't speak for inactive users, but half of the wiki is just incomplete pages and I'm not sure that's a good thing. I know some of you have projects you're working on, but maybe you could avoid making more and more pages till you finish one thing, or start sprucing up existing series that aren't done, before you make more? (And do double check that any of your pages that are actually now complete are removed from that category)!
    If you have an idea you just have to get down somewhere, make a word doc, or link to the pages on your profile for later reference. The l…
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  • Princess Mew

    Mew Mew Images

    November 23, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I know you guys are adding Animals and Food from mew pages, specifically mine since I do own a lot.

    I was wondering can you not add them especially the animal pictures until I added them to my page(s)?

    I want to do specific pictures for mine so they can get a full detail of the animal (especially one ones that are more of a specific details on them like the Meller's Duck has green feathers for my Mew not blue! and monkey/primate-like ones or half-image ones that I don't know too well on the tail/if they have a tail ect.)

    Anyways can you? it would be a big help! So I don't go adding two of the same animal picture! (one less detail and one more detailed/different colors on the animal like the Meller's Duck! the image that was already uploa…

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  • RoyalHistoria

    Mew Resource: Update 2

    November 21, 2018 by RoyalHistoria

    Alright, I've got some good news for this update. The pain I mentioned in my previous blog post is pretty much gone, I've been prescribed antibiotics and feel so much better now.

    So, as promised, the Mew Resource will be getting an update. Instead of just one large section, I'll be adding several small-medium sections so I can take small breaks in-between and so there'll be a wider range of species.

    Thank you for being patient and understanding!

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  • Princess Mew

    RWBY Mew Mew Infobox

    November 20, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I just created this template for my RWBY Mew Mew series and I got it to work but for some odd reason there's no picture in the infobox showing up any ideas why?

    Here's the picture to say proof that I can do a picture but not showing up:

    My Infobox for RWBY Mew Mew

    When Editing Infobox, Image is there

    When Editing Majipan, I have it the same way as the infobox

    Now when I publish Majipan's page the picture doesn't show up. Why?

    So if anyone can understand that, can they help me with the little picture problem?

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  • RoyalHistoria

    Mew Resource: Update

    November 14, 2018 by RoyalHistoria

    [Warning for length, and mentions of death, throwing up and needles]

    So, those who have been making use of the resource I previously posted may have noticed that I haven't updated it in a little while, so I figured it would be a good idea to explain myself.

    The past few days haven't left me with much time to really sit down and focus on the spreadsheet. November 10 would've been my grandfather's 83rd birthday, so most of that day was spent feeling sad.

    On November 11, my mother and her housemate came to visit and we all went out for lunch, we then went on a drive around town and I got to learn just how much the town has changed since my mother was young, I then passed out a little after returning home.

    My sleep schedule was messed up as a resu…

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  • Princess Mew

    Shefu Mew Mew Navbox

    November 7, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay for my Shefu Mew Mew, i'm having difficulties with my navbox's and was wondering if someone could fix them?

    Like my first box, I have the Weapons section correct but when i'm on the series page itself it shows the section as red but when I'm doen editing it, the section is blue... I need help with it!

    I just need someone to redo the navbox's for me to normal but i'm not sure how...

    Like I want them to stay the same but when I edit them it shows "Shefu Mew Mew Navigation Template" when I only want Navbox Template for each individual one.

    Link to Series: Shefu Mew Mew

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  • Princess Mew

    Alien Races

    October 15, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I kind of need help getting a basic image of what my two alien races look like to add to their alien race page.

    The first alien race is Demonics and the second alien race is Constellions.

    Just a basic image of what they look like is fine but I'm not sure how do to them since each alien race is different (the Demonics are wolf-like aliens) and (the Constellions are based on the constellations).

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  • Princess Mew

    Collab Mew Series

    October 13, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I really want to try working on a project with someone and well yeah... I never done anything like that before and I really want to try it out.

    Of course I still got my other tons of series I got to finish up on but I want to do one with someone else (which would make that one get done a lot faster) but also I will still work on my others but yeah...

    I want to so badly.. it seems like a lot of fun...

    If you want to just ask and then we'll get things down to business such as:

    • theme
    • name of series
    • characters
    • villains
    • locations
    • and other things for the series
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  • Princess Mew

    Little Warning

    October 5, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Alright. As a little warning since I won't be posting anything for a while.

    I'll be gone out of state visiting my aunt in Wyoming so while on the trip there I won't be on to post anything nor to check anything out since when I'm on my phone it won't let me look through anything like click a tab/bring down the info for some odd reason. So yeah just a small warning to everyone if I haven't posted anything about my newest mew series especially my characters.

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  • Princess Mew

    Okay I got this Roleplay Series up if anyone wants to join!

    It's Supernatural Mews Adventure!, where basically humans and animals fuse together to become Mews and my character the scientist Sakura Momosa is working on how this is happening to them! Both males and females become mews!

    So if anyone wants to join just ask and well post your(s)! BWT you make characters for this series!

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  • Princess Mew

    Food Mew Mew

    September 21, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay i'll be finishing up my Food Mew Mew series and then i'll try to get Mew designs for the rest of them... but I'm not sure when or how since I'm not good at drawing, well to make them look close to their normal forms, since their normal and mew forms are close to being the same but not...

    anyways when I'm done, if anyone wants to help me with the designs you could!

    Though I have two designs already for:

    • Rice
    • Chocolate

    The rest don't have one yet

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  • Princess Mew

    Mew Fanart?

    September 20, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I'm going to do some galleries for some of my series and I'm wondering if anyone would want to do fanart of my characters? If so i'll post which series i'll do a gallery for below. And for the characters who don't have a mew form, i'll try my best to explain what it looks like or put images of the idea of what it looks like with extra info about them (Like DNA, colors, what color is for what, what garters are what ect.)

    • DNA: Suffolk Sheep
    • Description:

    As Mew Rice her hair and eyes turns white. Suffolk sheep ears and a tail appear on her head and tailbone. Her Mew Mark, a Suffolk Sheep head, is located on her left inner thigh.

    Her Outfit looks like a really cute dress with shoes resembling her DNA. Arm garters, Chocker, Right leg garter.

    • DN…

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  • AnnikaDoll

    (This might have been better as a blog, actually, my bad orz)

    Do you think we should re-instate the "Gallery" Category? Some of the more active users, and even older users, seem to have lots of images for their series, whether drawn or not. I wanted to ask first so that I don't make gallery page(s) for my stuff (because I was really tempted to!) and have that category stay mostly empty. It has one page on it already, but the category itself was deleted long ago.

    Maybe users could benefit from having gallery-specific pages! It would also be a nice way to showcase art from those who do draw their own stuff, since I know some of the older users used to do so and their creative art and designs are scattered everywhere! :c

    I know the old mods didn't…

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  • Princess Mew

    Design Contest?

    September 1, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I'm bored and yeah.. it's defiantly in the title.

    A Design Contest anyone? The themes for each contest will vary.

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  • RoyalHistoria

    Mew Resource

    August 25, 2018 by RoyalHistoria

    For a little while now I've been working on a spreadsheet of endangered animals. I created it so that my Mews could all have different animal DNA, and I think others might find it useful.

    So if you find yourself reusing animals or if you're just having some trouble deciding on what DNA to give your Mew, just click Here.

    The spreadsheet is categorised by family (ie. Canidae, Felidae, Leporidae), and the pages are in alphabetical order with each animal being listed with its Name, Scientific Name, Conservation Status, Population, Class, Order, Family and Genus.

    It's still a work in progress, so I'll be updating whenever I can to either build on an existing section or add a new one.

    Completed Sections -

    • Accipitridae (Eagles/Harriers/Hawks/Kites/Old…
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  • Princess Mew

    Mew Transformations

    August 14, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I decided I want to finally do a transformation for my mews but I need help with doing them since I'm not really sure how to describe their mew transformations.

    If you have any ideas let me know.

    I have a lot of mew series - most aren't even close to being finished yet so yeah.

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  • Cure Lovely23


    August 6, 2018 by Cure Lovely23

    Hi, hi everyone my name is Emma and I am new here. I really really love waching animes. Ok bye for now see you later 

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  • AnnikaDoll

    I've seen lots of new pages and characters on the wiki these past few months, and that's totally great! I'm glad there's activity and there's some really cute and inventive ideas from everyone for this fandom (I especially like seeing the new chapters, stories, or bits of writing that pop up! ^^)

    But I have a bit of a minor nitpick I wanted to address [it really isn't a drastic community issue, but just something minor I wanted to bring into consideration]:

    I do want to ask if maybe the users who are or have been active in the past several months would consider waiting to post a character page until you have a good amount of content for it? A few small paragraphs, subsections, or images perhaps?

    We have some pages that are just info boxes or …

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  • Princess Mew

    Okay I'm going to be working on my recent Mew series but I need help drawing them as they have pokemon DNA instead of animal DNA so I can't really use the game(s) I usually use to make mine. So Yeah I'll tell you the characters alright and I want someone's help to draw them for me. I'll show you references of how I want them to look kay and can you try to draw them for me? I would try myself but I only have the computer's paint program for now, as I don't have fire alpaca anymore which I used to originally draw mine on using a base and such made by someone else (though I give credit to them).

    How it will work:

    • I'll tell you what one I want drawn first with this information
    • Civilian Name: (So you know their human name, when you post them on… Read more >
  • Princess Mew

    Pokemon Mew Series

    July 20, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I've been into Pokémon some recently and I was wondering if this would be a good series to do on here and yes it would be posted here on the wiki.

    I was hoping to maybe be able to do it with someone else as a collab Mew Series but you don't have to, I was just thinking how fun it would be to do a collab series with someone.

    What you will need
    ◾A drawing of your mew design.
    ◾Bio info, including:

    ◾Full Civilian Name ◾Mew Name ◾Weapon Name ◾Attack name ◾Pokemon they are infused with. ◾A little flavor text about personality and background

    ◾A picture of their weapon
    ◾A headshot of their civilian form
    ◾Mew Mark, and where it's placed

    However, there are rules

    • Only One Pokémon Mew Type. No double of the same Pokémon Mew Type. Example. No Same Two Poké…

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  • Princess Mew

    Last Characters

    July 16, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay this is just a note/warning to everyone about my Touken Mew Mew series. I will be doing that series later as I gotta get their pictures again as my computer completely dumped cause of the drive or something in it went bad so I completely lost all of my pictures I had of all of my characters I had done.

    So all of my series, characters I had done but not posted will have to be remade which really really really sucks but... i'll do all of those ones last as I will just work on my newest one I had came up with while watching D.Gray-man which was an inspiration so yeah.

    This is just a warning/note to everyone who yeah has seen my other series and how I was working on my latest one, Touken Mew Mew.

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  • Princess Mew

    Mew Help

    July 10, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I recently started a new Mew series called Touken Mew Mew and well I made some of the characters already but on Tokyo Mew Mew Character Creator on Deviantart by Hapurianinen, I've made their Mew Form and Casual Forms there but I still need to Make Their School Forms and Café Forms but I want all of their pictures aka appearances to look the same so I thought, what if I tried to make them on Kisekae 2 instead but I'm not sure how to make their appearances on Kisekea 2 instead and with the exact same appearances aswell.

    So I was wondering if someone can help me out with making what I have on Kisekae 2?

    I want to transfer these picture/appearances that I made on Tokyo Mew Mew Character Creator onto Kisekae 2 instead, but I'm not sure how.


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  • Princess Mew

    Okay I just got this cute mew from someone on Deviantart named "TheFuschiaSide" and I got her teammates already but I need help with getting a design for them + an animal. I already got some info on them but not a lot.

    Mew Lavender Tart:

    Mew Mew Name: Mew Lavender Tart
    Human /Regular Name: Rima Satori
    DNA: Pygmy Rabbit
    Age: 18
    Any teammates?: Yes one with Mew Madok, Mew Sprinkles and Mew Watermeleon
    Brief Backstory: Born and grew up in the slums alongside the rest. She was very best friends with Kenma, Himawari and Kentaro since they all lived and played together growing up in that messed up place they were born in. Her parents were born and had to work in order to get food and money for her family, both of them worked as Prostitutes in order to…

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  • Princess Mew

    Okay I got bored and decided to hold design a mew contest.

    I really want this to go well so yeah.

    The theme(s) for this contest is Authors and Sweets.


    • 1. You can enter as many times as you want
    • 2. You can choose any author + sweets for the theme (like for example. Osamu Dazai + Strawberry)
    • 3. Have fun and Enjoy
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  • Princess Mew

    Design Contest

    May 24, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay decided I'd give a Mew Design Contest a try.

    So here's how it goes I'll post one at a time of my mews that don't have a mew design yet, then after a couple of days I'll post the next one. I'll give you guys time to draw the design and then submit it. Each will have a different theme to it.

    Prize: You can keep the design you made and scrap it if you want and so you can change the design, colors, hair, eyes, dna but keep the theme of it at least.

    1. Shigenoi Arikatsu:

    • Male
    • Black Salamander DNA
    • Mew Alias: Mew Macaroon

    Color Theme: Blue

    Theme: Ninja-Style (Think Naruto - If you don't know the anime Naruto just search up Naruto and look at their clothing design + especially their Ninja Sandals they wear)

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  • Princess Mew

    Mew Mews Help

    May 19, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Okay I need help coming up with designs for these characters for (these certain) series that I haven't finish the characters for. Like I got their information (minus Mew Names for Tokyo Mew Mew: Konaharuwootashi) but I need help coming up with designs for these certain mews so maybe a mew design contest? or just design help with coming up with designs for them?

    • Male
    • Black Salamander DNA

    • Male
    • Bighorn Sheep DNA

    • Male
    • Fangtooth Moray DNA

    • Female
    • Black Squirrel DNA

    • Female
    • Short-tailed Paradigalla DNA

    • Male
    • Bluejay DNA

    • Female
    • Hummingbird DNA

    • Male
    • Stripped Hyena DNA

    • Male
    • Spotted Hyena DNA

    • Male
    • Black-faced Black Spider Monkey DNA

    • Female
    • Leopard Rocket Frog DNA

    • Female
    • Swamp Rabbit DNA

    • Male
    • Ground Beetle DNA

    • Male
    • True weevil DNA

    • Male
    • Uncompahgre Fritillary Butterfly DNA

    • Female
    • Coat…

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  • Lil Ms Sticky Fingers

    Whats up!

    March 13, 2018 by Lil Ms Sticky Fingers

    Well I've looked at this wiki for Years now and finally made an account on here. Let's hope I can Contribute to this community.

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  • Princess Mew


    March 10, 2018 by Princess Mew

    Hello I'm new here :) Um I hope I can get along with others here and post my work here correctly and maybe do stuff for my work?

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  • KiraKira-Chan

    I'm sorry.

    January 13, 2018 by KiraKira-Chan

    I'm sorry that I'm not active. I have simply lost intrest is this wiki. But if you need me, you can allways contact me. also, I'm taking art requests! (I don't use bases anymore!)

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  • AnnikaDoll

    In rereading my little series again, aside from sometimes laughing a little at my old writing style, I did spark my interest again in the Galaxy Mews and their story.

    I figured I’d write a little bit on my perception and process of the little AU chapters now that I’m done with it (after years and years, haha). This is kind of all over the place as far as jumping back and forth between points (and my writing here is less formal so might be a lot more muddy) but I hope it’s at least easy enough to understand what I mean!

    Mostly, this is an analysis of my own work, a comparison to techniques usable in other works, and a speculation on elements within the story that I hadn’t considered when first writing it. If you like writing, composition, and…

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  • AnnikaDoll

    Before I talk on the story, I did scribble up another random Mew --One that is not a traditional Mew but at least is human this time lol. (But I do like unconventional Mew Mews very much. I guess that's why I do a lot of aliens and mutations and "monsters" lol).

    I don't have a story for her either [since I just do these for fun and design and all] but I did come up with the following:

    She's fused with the West African Lion

    Her name is Kiwano Madaki

    Her weapon is based on a Muscal bow called the Uhadi.

    Her colors and name are based off the Kiwano, or Horned Melon.

    I believe that's about all i came up with. Her outfit is a bit different from standard Mews as her pendant is haging from her belt rather than on her neck, but it is still used to transform. …

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  • Eternal Princess Chibi Chibi Cosmos
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  • KiraKira-Chan

    I'm sorry I've been inactive! I lost inspiration. I will now be active at least once a week!

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  • TinyBon

    Introduction!! ( ;; )

    August 14, 2017 by TinyBon

    henlo!! my name is Aleks wassup

    ive been into TMM for literally 10 years or so, I have a YT channel but i have like 100 subscribers so I doubt its known around here lmAO i also never made a real cohesive story for them so.

    BUT older me is totally into making stories and backstories! so my newer ones that arent posted DO have stories

    I have a set of mythical mews that mean a lot to me lmao they are so old,i also have a set of mews based off my emotions which is?? not original but i love them still, they mean a WHOLE LOt to me

    a lot of my mews are heavily diverse in body types and skin tones and genders and ughh i just love making?? diverse characters its really fun to me for some reason.

    i focus mostly on edits and drawings, but recently ive?? g…

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  • RoyalHistoria


    July 26, 2017 by RoyalHistoria

    Hi, I hope it's okay that I make an introductory blog post. I'm RoyalHistoria, feel free to call me Royal, Historia, RH, or whatever nickname you can come up with.

    As my user page says, I'm a new member of the Mew Mew fandom. Unlike quite a few fans, I never watched the 4kids version, Mew Mew Power, instead, I'm much more familiar with the original Tokyo Mew Mew.

    I'm also new to Wikia, so if I break a rule or do something wrong, please inform me. I'm also Autistic, so I don't always understand what people mean, and my wording can be a bit awkward, so I apologise for that.

    Lastly, as my page states, I'm nonbinary, which means that I'm not entirely male or female. For anyone confused about what pronouns to use, she/her, he/his and they/them are…

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  • AnnikaDoll

    A Random Mew

    June 27, 2017 by AnnikaDoll

    Wanted to take a break from the Galaxy Mews I’ve been working on again for a sec to create a new Mew for fun! I also wanted to play with lighting effects and layers so hopefully I learned something, even if it is a little spotty, haha

    [[File:Mew_Fishcake_(Small).png|thumb|400px|Mew Fishcake

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  • Anime-Candy


    June 5, 2017 by Anime-Candy

    Konnichiwa MINNA!!! I'm Anime-Candy, but please just call me Candy. I am a new user here! Nice to meet you everyone!!

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  • AnnikaDoll

    See that the wiki has changed quite a bit and that we have a lot of new people. Figured I'd pop in to say hello, and I hope you guys enjoy the wiki! it's always good to see new creativity on the site, haha. A lot of the new pages and characters are pretty neat!

    And hello to the new management :v

    Hopefully the previous admins are doing well too. If you aren't going to be returning, then just a quick thank you for the work you put into the wiki prior c:

    For people who remember me and my stories (I think most of the people who are still active are new-ish though :p) I will eventually get back to my own stuff. I've been so swarmed with life junk that I haven't had a lot of time to create anything as much as I used to aside from maybe a doodle here …

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  • KiraKira-Chan

    Sense this wiki is kinda deserted, I'm considering adopting the wiki. If I do, I will keep it updated as much I can and try to get it more popular. I will also be fixing up a lot of things. And probably fix the background due to the purple being... sad? Idk. I will make it a brighter color.

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  • KiraKira-Chan

    Have any questions about Candy Gem Mew Mew? Here's the discussion!

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  • It'zMewMew

    WHO'S FATE ???

    March 10, 2016 by It'zMewMew

    Ok so lately i've been role playing with a friend and heir crush was fate and i'm so confused 

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  • Minsmk

    Hey! I have two major guy characters in my fanfic "Smoothie Mew Mew" and i'd love pictures of them (They aren't mews but they help the girls out.) to put on their profiles. If any of you are open to drawing them I can give you faceclaims/descriptions of them.

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  • AnnikaDoll

    I live

    March 5, 2015 by AnnikaDoll

    Oh, hi.

    So I see some new users which is nice--Haven't visited the wiki often so I might lose track of who they are, but welcome! :0

    Anyway, as far as my own stuff, I haven't had any time to work on it because of school and life, but recently I'd started doing some scheduling and devoting an hour or two a day to doing creative writing to help me with some of my writing classes, and so I've been able to work on GMM again. I'm actually close to finishing Chapter 11 and I already have an idea on how to write the rest of it as well. At some point I had over half of it done and the file got corrupted somehow? So I lost all of it and had to start over. I probably could have had it out months ago if not for that, but then when I started my semester…

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  • Sunnystarhero

    comic book reading

    January 11, 2015 by Sunnystarhero

    yesterday, I got a new comic book called "worlds collide." it didn't take too long to read it. it's a pretty cool comic, crossing over two of my favorite video game characters! I won't say too much (so that there is no spoilers) because of this, this post comes to an end. bye fellow mew mew fans!!!

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  • Sunnystarhero


    January 10, 2015 by Sunnystarhero

    today, im going shopping! first, im going to the mall to buy stuff. and then, im going to the book store to buy more comics (I only have one.) I don't know if im going to any other places, that depends on my aunt (whose taking me shopping.) anyway, that's it for now, I'll type up what I got when I get back (I haven't gone yet.) bye fellow mew mew fans!!

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  • AnnikaDoll


    May 18, 2014 by AnnikaDoll

    So, here are the prizes for the winners of the Futuristic Mew Contest:Congratulations, and I hope you like them! .u." [Thanks to my nerd sister for the aid >:p]




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