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Bon Vivant Mew Mew (ボンビバントミュウミュウ) is a 'just for fun' series created by RoyalHistoria.


One of the scientists working on the Mew Project, a man named Masaru Kodama, notices a sudden increase of Chimera Anima reports outside of Tokyo. Masaru soon realises that the Chimeras are heading towards the city of Saitama, where he lives.

After informing Ryou Shirogane and Keiichiro Akasaka, Masaru is given permission and all the necessary tools to create a second Mew team in order to handle the situation.

Masaru is only able to find four potential Mews, though concerned it might not be enough he decides that it's better than nothing.


Mew Mews

Peppermint Akabara / Mew Peppermint (赤原 ペパミント, Akabara Pepaminto)

The main protagonist and leader of Bon Vivant Mew Mew. Peppermint deals with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt, but hides it behind sarcastic and occasionally mean remarks. She transforms into Mew Peppermint and is infused with the Reindeer.

Wain Murasakihiro / Mew Wine (紫広 わいん, Murasakihiro Wain)

Wain seems to see herself as some kind of noble or royal, or she at least acts like it. She's the main source of conflict amongst the team due to her refusal to interact with anyone she considers part of the 'lower class'. She transforms into Mew Wine and is infused with the Turtle Dove.

Mashumaro Momoi / Mew Marshmallow (桃井 ましゅまろ, Momoi Mashumaro)

Mashumaro is a loud, opinionated girl who refuses to let anyone ignore her. She refuses to give up, even when she really should. She transforms into Mew Marshmallow and is infused with the Robust Cottontail.

Mochi Kinsugi / Mew Mochi (金杉 もち, Kinsugi Mochi)

Mochi is your typical party girl, she's loud, energetic, friendly, and far from stern. She considers herself an older sister to her teammates. She transforms into Mew Mochi and is infused with the Mitchell's Satyr Butterfly.