For characters who fight with elemental powers (light, shadow, water, etc.) in place of or alongside a weapon, whether they can conjure/control the element through their weapons or on their own.

  • Characters whose attacks create an element may go here (such as a blast of light).
  • Characters whose theme is based around an element but who do not fight with it do not go here.
  • Only put characters here that actually utilize a defined element in combat. 
  • Please also make sure you are putting characters in the right category based on what they fight with. For example, a Mew based on Earth elements but who fights with light would be categorized as fighting with light, not Earth.



This is an umbrella category. If there are subcategories within this category that your character can fit in, please put them there instead.

If there are none available, only create one if there are enough pages to place there (We have a good number of 1-page categories already!) Otherwise, place them here!

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