Chapter 3- Chrysalis


In a fairly cramped cabin, a girl and her elder brother slept on separate beds. The girl, Chrysalis, rose earlier as quietly as she could so as to avoid waking her sleeping brother. Unfortunately, this endeavor proved unsuccessful. When her brother called out to his younger sibling, she froze. The young man rubbed his eyes groggily and sat up.

“Chrysalis, what are you doing?” He asked. “Are you going somewhere?”

“Jason…” his young sister sighed in annoyance. “…Go back to bed, please. I’ll be fine.”

“You shouldn’t go out by yourself all the time,” Jason warned. He swung his legs over the bed and leaned in on them. “Who knows what could happen?”
“I appreciate it, Jason, I really do,” Chrysalis assured her brother. “But you know I know how to take care of myself now. I’ll be fine."

Jason scratched his head and looked away.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I know you can, it’s just that I get so worried. mom and dad are too busy working to even think about us most of the time, and I have to stay and watch over you whenever I can.”

He looked at his watch.

“What are you even doing up this early?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” Chrysalis muttered bitterly. “I…had another nightmare.”

“Another one?” Jason mused. “That’s the fifth night in a row. Have you been sneaking out all the time?”

“Um, no.” Chrysalis lied.

Jason rubbed his neck and rolled his head around.

“Well, since I’m up,” he groaned, rising from the bed. “I’m gonna head to the market and see if any of the stalls are set. We needed food anyway.”

“You’re just using that as an excuse to follow me,” Chrysalis scoffed, folding her arms. “Jason, I’ll be fine.”

“Whatever you say, kiddo,” Jason retorted, pulling a shirt over his torso. He ruffled his sister’s hair mockingly and picked up a satchel of jewelry and clothing that the family had collected and set aside for shopping purposes.

“What were you even going to do out there, anyway?”

“You really wanna know?” Chrysalis scoffed.


“I was going to steal some clothes.”

“Yeah right.”

“And I was going to rob some people’s cabins.”

“Tell me the truth, Chrysalis.”

Chrysalis groaned.

“I wanted to look for a job, okay?”


Jason turned to face her sister with a bewildered expression.

“I want a job,” Chrysalis emphasized. “I don’t care what you or mom and dad or anyone else has to say about it. I need to get a job so I can help support this family.”

She looked down and unfolded her arms.

“And I also need a way to keep my mind off of those nightmares.”

“Chrysalis, you’re crazy,” Jason accused harshly. “What makes you think that anyone would let you work? You think you’re ready for anything, but who would honestly see it your way? They’d never hire you in your position.”

“Just because I’m blind?” Chrysalis raised her voice. She balled her fists and leaned forward. “Jason, I’m tired of people trying to help me or treating me like I’m stupid or handicapped. I can do this. I can hear, I can figure things out! In fact, I could probably even do a better job than most of these people!”

She began to massage her temples and sighed.

“I can do anything,” She told her brother, closing her eyes. “I just need to let them see what I’m capable of. If they saw what I could do, they’d start treating me like a person.”

Jason heaved a heavy sigh.

“Chrysalis,” he murmured. “I remember when we first came to the colony, when you were blinded. You were so scared. You stumbled everywhere and I had to help you get by.”

He moved close to his sister and put a hand on her head.

“You’re crazy,” He chuckled. “But you’re tough. You know exactly what you want. And you’ve grown so much since we first came here. mom and dad, they haven’t even seen the real you. But you know what?”

“What?” Chrysalis muttered, moving her eyes to the side.

“I think you’re right,” Jason admitted. “If you want to go prove to these people that you can do anything, then fine. Go.”

“Wait, really?” Chrysalis proclaimed, looking up. Jason swung the satchel over his shoulder and checked his pockets to make sure his copy of their cabin keycard was there.

“Without a doubt,” he said, heading to the door. “So go, I won’t stop you.”

Chrysalis grinned.

“Thank you,” She said. Jason winked at his sister and opened the cabin door.

“Hey, make sure you get back before mom and dad,” he instructed. “’Kay?”

“I will,” Chrysalis promised, still smiling brightly. When Jason left, she got dressed and took her keycard from under her pillow. Though not quite sure how to go about her job hunt, the headstrong young woman figured that a plan would form along the way. Chrysalis quickly fixed up her hair and headed out the door into the metallic hallway. She could hear some people walking about to around the cabins, doors opening and shutting, most likely by those headed to or from work. As she made her way through the colony, she heard the familiar sounds of footsteps and foreign chatter.

Chrysalis didn't find herself troubled in navigating the colony. Over time, she went through every inch of the place, at least every area that was open to every citizen, and as such memorized its inner workings and each twist and turn within. She managed to hear those in her surroundings and, over time, learned to know where to walk and what to do without ever needing to see. But it hadn’t always been that way. When she first came to the colony with her family, Chrysalis' mind bumbled in a frenzy of panic, and the young woman found it difficult to keep up with the pace of the crowd around her. With hordes of people shoving past, some managed to knock her down, causing her to hit her head on the metal floor of the docks below her, the force so great that she became dizzy and shut her eyes. She heard her mother call out and quickly felt the strong hands of her brother hoist her up. Chrysalis' eyes opened suddenly, only to see almost nothing but darkness and very hazy shadows that she could barely make out against it. The injured girl began to panic, screaming with anxiety that she couldn’t see anything, and her brother helped carry his sister into the colony. Doctors examined the young girl quite some time after things settled down, only to tell the family that though fine otherwise, she couldn't see again without surgery, which was impossible at the time, as no way to operate on anyone existed at that point without proper equipment. So while they could cure her blindness, at the time, nothing could be done about it.

Chrysalis had trouble adjusting the first eighteen months, always stumbling about and needing to rely on her brother Jason to aid her. Some moments, she felt weak and insignificant, but it was because of those feelings that she decided to stay strong and push through life as though she weren’t blind at all. The young woman soon learned to listen to the world around her and accomplish tasks even without sight. Chrysalis managed to take care of herself as time passed, finding that she no longer needed her brother for everything. While Jason understood this, he still intended to watch over his younger sibling. But despite his close eye, Jason still trusted her more than anyone else did. Others typically treated Chrysalis as disabled and weak. Most people often asked if she needed help, and sometimes, they wouldn't show any kindness at all or even try to take advantage of her—Chrysalis grew sick of it. She wanted nothing more than a chance to prove herself, and that’s just what she intended to do, starting with earning a job on the colony that nobody would think a sightless girl could do.

The ambitious girl first entered the docking bay, thinking that perhaps she could work with her hands and repair ships, or even help out the astronauts as they prepared to depart and dock. She spoke with several people who immediately turned her down, saying the usual:

“There’s no place for a blind girl here. Why don’t you try someplace else?”

Heaving a heavy sigh of annoyance, Chrysalis headed off and tried again in the market. Again, workers turned her down.

“You can’t see? Well what if someone robs you? You wouldn’t even notice!”
“I have ears for that! I could probably hear them coming before you'd even know they arrived!” Chrysalis shot back, walking off grumpily.

Whatever, she thought. There are plenty more places to go and plenty more positions that need filling.

Chrysalis tried the supply rooms this time, and again, got turned down.

“Ain’t no room for nobody who can’t see, girl. Now get outta here! You’re crazy for trying to work in a place like this!”

“Oh, get bent, jerk!” Chrysalis retorted, making a fist at the manager. She then headed towards the artificial gardens, rather upset

“Dear, I’m sorry, but I can’t let you work here in your…position…I just think you’d have trouble knowing when to harvest.”

“That’s what I have hands for!” Chrysalis shot back slamming the doors behind her in fury. She put her hands on her head, frustrated. “Ugh!”

After a while, the stubborn young woman headed back to her cabin and plopped down on her bed. She leaned back, facing the ceiling and heaved a sigh. Jason entered shortly after, carrying both the satchel from before and a bag full of food.

“Couldn’t get a job, huh?” He inquired, laying the bag on a small counter in the cabin’s makeshift kitchen.

“No,” Chrysalis groaned, turning over and burying her face in her pillow. “Everyone was either a total jerk to me or totally ignorant.”

“As expected,” Jason chuckled, grabbing a carrot and an apple. “I’m guessing you gave them lip, too.”

“Oh, shut up, Jason,” Chrysalis called back. She turned and sat back up, being handed the apple. She tossed it around in her hands as her brother sat across from her on his bed.

“Well, maybe you oughtta try taking the initiative,” He suggested, taking a bite of the carrot in his hand. “I mean, show ‘em what you’re made of if you have to.”

“Yeah?” Chrysalis perked her head up.

“Don’t hurt anyone or do anything wrong,” Jason added. “But you know, do what you have to do to let them know what you can do.”

Chrysalis pondered those words and took them to heart.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she said, bouncing the apple up and down in her right hand. “I should. Not sure how I’ll do that, but, I’ll figure it out.”

“Mmhm,” Jason exhaled, closing his eyes. “Man, I’m tired…”

“What, is it nighttime already?” Chrysalis inquired, raising her eyebrows.

“Nah, it’s only the middle of the day,” Jason answered, taking another bite of his carrot. “If you want, you’ve still got about eight hours before things die down and mom and dad get back from their shift. If you still want to hunt for a job, I mean.”

“You know…” Chrysalis began. “…I think I will.” She took a bite out of her apple.

Galaxy Mew Mew Icon

“Prove myself…Prove myself…”

Chrysalis spent a good while pacing back and forth in the community space, pondering just how she could earn her way into a job—a way to really surprise those who otherwise thought her helpless.

“Ugh, why is this so hard?” she groaned, hitting her head lightly with her fist. “I know what I can do, but I don’t know where I should do it!”

Then it hit her. She hadn’t gone to the boiler or machine rooms yet. Maybe she could do something there!

“Right,” Chrysalis sighed, pounding her fist on her palm. “Get in there, work some magic, get out. Shouldn’t be too hard.”

Chrysalis decided to make way to the machine rooms: a short but very determined journey. Upon arriving, she immediately tried to get the attention of the manager there. Unfortunately, he appeared far too busy to pay any attention to the likes of such.

“Hey, I’m trying to talk to you!” She called angrily. The manager turned around, saw her and laughed.

“What’re you doin’ here, kid?” He chortled. “You’re blind, ain’t you? You don’t need to be anywhere near here. You can’t do a thing.”

Chrysalis’ face grew red, but she tried not to lose her temper.

“Look, buster,” she said, pointing her finger angrily at the man before her. “I’m no run-of-the-mill blind girl. I’m not helpless and I’m certainly not stupid. I have been around all sorts of places today asking for work and everyone’s given me the same freaking answers. If you let me work for you, I could push myself harder than any of your boys and girls here! And—”

The manager lost interest in Chrysalis when a female worker approached him, holding a wrench.

“Sir, one of our machines is heavily damaged,” she told him. “It broke down entirely, and none of the guys can fix it.”

“Which one is it?” The manager inquired, ignoring Chrysalis entirely.

“2F, that’s which one,” The woman replied. “Charlie told me he ain’t never seen it busted like this ‘afore. Went and got everyone to try and patch it up, but we can’t figure out what the heck is wrong with that thing.”

“Argh, another problem for me to fix,” The manager sighed.

“Hey, I’m over here!” Chrysalis called. The manager ignored her.

“I’ll get someone on it soon as I can,” He told the worker. “We’ve got plenty more, it’ll hold for a while. Now get back to your own.”

The worker walked off and Chrysalis groaned in annoyance.

“What, you still here?” The manager mused, giving her a stern look. “Look, I told you, you ain’t fit for this kind of work. Now get out of here! Go on, shoo!”

Chrysalis stormed away in a huff, completely put off.

“Stupid two-bit junkies,” she muttered, kicking a metal pipe by her feet. “I oughtta sock that guy in the face.”

Just then, she heard a familiar voice somewhere ahead of her, recognizing it as that of the woman who'd interrupted her earlier. It was then that Chrysalis obtained an idea. She walked over to where the woman's voice came from and smiled sweetly at her. The female worker, in the midst of checking the conditions on other machines, promptly turned to see a thin, smiling teenager beside her.

“Uh, can I help ya?” She inquired, tilting her head forward.

“Why yes,” Chrysalis said gleefully. “Your manager just hired me to work here.”

The woman gave Chrysalis a questionable look.

You’re gonna work here?” She asked with suspicion. “But ain’t you—”

“Oh no, I’m not blind,” Chrysalis lied, laughing. “I’ve just got a condition with my irises that cause my eyes to look this way.”

Chrysalis immediately wanted to punch herself for coming up with such a stupid response. But much to her surprise, the woman believed her.

“Well, whatcha need from me?” She proclaimed.

“Well, uh…” Chrysalis tried to think. “Your…manager…told me that…I should try to fix that machine you were talking about!”

“Oh, that’s sad,” The woman said, shaking her head. “He’s always giving newcomers a challenging job. He says it helps weed the lazier ones out.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure I can take it,” Chrysalis grinned. “But I’m lacking a few materials. Could I borrow your wrench?”

“Oh, huh?” The woman looked at the wrench in her hands. “Oh yeah, sure thing sweet pea. Just get it back to me if you decide you’re having trouble. Trust me, I can’t wrap my mind around that darn thing.”

She handed Chrysalis the wrench.

“If you’re not sure about where it is, the machine you’re looking for is 2F,” she explained, pointing behind her. “Follow that hallway and you’ll run into Section F. The machines there all have their numbers somewhere on them. It shouldn’t be hard to find. But ya do need a worker pass around here to get to those, ‘cause from C onward, the machines get really heavy-duty and complicated. We wouldn’t want any strangers messin’ with ‘em and messin’ up the whole ship!”

“Uh, thanks,” Chrysalis said, smiling awkwardly. “Excuse me, did you say worker’s pass?”

“Sure did,” The woman assured with a nod. “Oh, let me guess, you’re not gonna get yours until later? Well, that’s fine. You can borrow mine. I know lots of new guys who have to wait for theirs, and it gets in the way so they gotta borrow from friends and other coworkers.”

She took a small card from her pants pocket and handed that to Chrysalis, who couldn’t believe her luck with this woman.

“Thanks a lot!” She exclaimed, smiling. “I’ll give these back to you as soon as I can.”

“No problem, sweet pea,” the woman smiled. “Good luck to ya.”

Chrysalis felt supremely giddy, never expecting such an opportunity as this to come forward, and so she fully intended to make the very best of it. She walked into the hallway to attempt finding her way to section F. It proved difficult for her, since she could not read any of the signs on the walls. The determined teenager needed to go into each room encountered and ask a worker where she was until she finally reached her destination. Not only that, but she almost gave herself away a few times, accidentally showing the wrong side of the worker’s pass she received to a head mechanic who grew suspicious because of it. However, Chrysalis was determined to make her way through and fix that machine. If she could fix it when almost nobody else could, then surely she’d get a job. In doing so, everyone would see her strengths and independent determination. In fact, maybe she would become the subject of a tall tale. The fantastic blind girl who could do anything!

Chrysalis chuckled to herself at the thought, but quickly set the jokes aside—there was a mission to complete. It took some time, but she finally reached the correct room and found the right machine. She saw its shadow, very faintly, but managed to make out the shape of the contraption. And it was, indeed, a heavy-duty machine—one of many used to help power each colony, stationed necessarily in every one. Their home needed plenty of these contraptions to run and provide water, artificial gravity and electricity, among many other things. Chrysalis reached out to touch the metal beast, cautiously to avoid any burning if hot. Luckily, it was warm, allowing the girl to work with it sans any trouble. The machine, she found, had been recently cut off from the rest of the ship, no doubt so that it wouldn’t cause damage or ruin any systems until fixed.

While not grease monkey, Chrysalis gained some experience with machinery thanks to her father. Back on Earth, he worked as a mechanic, and a very fair one at that. He taught her some things that she took to heart. The headstrong young woman liked working with her father, even though he seldom spoke, often silent in focus. However, she had learned so much from him and developed a sort of closeness with the man, very much enjoying his guidance and wisdom when he gave it. But that was in the past—things were different now. Everyone found themselves too busy for many things like time with family, especially her father.

Bet he’d be real proud of me if he saw me doing this, Chrysalis thought, smiling to herself as she felt the machine’s many grooves, dents, mechanisms and wires. As soon as she understood the contraption, she began to work on fixing it.

Meanwhile, up front, the manager approached the female worker from before and sighed.

“That girl finally gone?” He asked. “I thought she’d never leave.”

“Yessir,” The woman chirped. “Went off to try and fix that machine in F.”

“What?!” The manager exclaimed. “Oh, Loretta, were you talkin’ to her?”

“Yessir,” the woman said. “Gave her my wrench and a pass. Is somethin’ wrong?”

“Whatever she told you was a lie!” The manager exclaimed. “She was persistent in asking for a job, but then she’s gotta do a thing like this? That girl’s blind! She ain’t got no business here!”


“I’mma call some officers in,” the manager stated. “That girl’s trespassin’!”

The manager ran off to fetch a few officers and left his employee in shock.

“Is something wrong?” a voice called. The woman turned to see Mew Spectral Galaxy, curiously looking about.

“Oh, dear, you’re one of them Mew girls!” She gasped. “What’re you doing here?”

“I was on my way to fetch something for a friend of mine when I heard some commotion,” Niji explained. “Thought I’d check it out.”

“Oh, well, everything’s fine,” the woman assured Niji. “There’s just been a little issue about trespassin’ and lyin’ to get into the restricted area here. Don’t worry ‘bout us. We called in some officers to handle it.”

Niji didn’t respond. She simply gave one last look around before turning and heading back to the laboratories.

“Akio,” she called excitedly. Akio had been tinkering with his computer, which had begun to malfunction.

“Oh, there you are, Niji!” He greeted. “Did you get the processor I asked you to?”

“No,” Niji said, shaking her head. “But I found something interesting.”

“What’s that?” Akio inquired. He was a little annoyed as he had been anxiously awaiting the thing he needed, but he was intrigued by what his partner had to say.

“There’s something going on in the machine rooms,” Niji explained. “This worker said something about someone trespassing into a restricted area.”

“And you want to go check it out?” Akio suggested. Niji nodded.

“Well, I suppose it’s worth a look,” Akio agreed. He stopped what he was doing and put a hand to his chin. “Hm, I wonder why anyone would want to get in there.”

“I doubt it’s to mess anything up,” Niji pointed out. “If they mess up the ship, we all suffer—including them. Maybe they wanted to find something out?”
“Well, we won’t know until we look,” Akio sighed. He grabbed his lab coat, which was resting on his chair and pulled his arms through its sleeves.

“Wonder if Hikari would like to see this,” Niji mused.

“Oh no,” Akio protested. “She’s really tired after today’s battles. She asked me for a break and so I let her go back to your cabin to rest. Best to leave her be. In fact, I was surprised that you came back after escorting her. I thought you’d want to rest too. Both of you work very hard down on Earth.”

“Well, I like hanging out with you,” Niji admitted, smiling. “Besides, someone’s gotta look after you.”

Akio chuckled.

“I appreciate it,” He told her, returning her smile. The two headed up out of the laboratories and past the boiler rooms until they reached the machine rooms. They saw some officers head past them into a hallway nearby. Akio approached a worker who had been guarding the hall, no doubt to prevent any other unwanted entry.

“Excuse me, would you mind if we went through?” He proclaimed. “We’d like to have a look at this situation you’re dealing with here.”

“Anything for Miss Spectral Galaxy and her friends,” the worker happily obliged. He let the duo through, and they walked towards a large machine room where the Manager of the machine rooms, a middle-aged woman and some officers stood. Niji noticed the Officers restraining an older teenage girl.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Niji heard her call out, struggling. “Why are you arresting me? I fixed your stupid machine!”

“You did?!” The middle-aged woman was surprised. “Now how did you do somethin’ like that, nobody was able to figure it out!”
“It don’t matter that you fixed this,” The manager raised his voice. “Young lady, you were trespassin’. You snuck your way in here when I specifically told you that you couldn’t work for me. You’re a blind girl! You can’t work here. And I don’t care how ‘amazin’’ you think you are. You’re in a world of trouble!”

“She’s blind?” Akio murmured to himself in amusement. Niji looked at him and noticed that he was showing the same interest he had with Hikari and herself.

“I was only doing this because none of you would give me a chance!” the young girl cried. “No matter where I went, everyone treated me like I was stupid or like I had some sort of disease! I wanted to be treated like a normal human being!”

“Oh, you’re ‘bout to,” The manager growled. “You’re going to be arrested and imprisoned. Just like everybody else.”

“What?!” Chrysalis kept on struggling and began to curse at the manager in German.

“Officers, take—”

“Hold on a moment!”

Akio ran over to the group and stopped the officers. Niji calmly walked over with him and stood aside. She looked at the young girl who moved her head in Niji’s direction when she heard her.

“Sir,” Akio called, “I’ll take full responsibility for this girl’s actions. To be quite honest, she’s done no wrong.”

“She was trespassin’!” The manager declared.

“That may be,” Akio noted, “But she fixed your machine here, did she not? She meant no harm. If you’ll allow me, officers, I’ll take her off your hands and deal with her myself.”

The officers, still holding the young girl, looked at the manager.

“It’s your call, sir,” they said. The manager was about to stubbornly refuse, but the middle-aged woman stopped him.

“Aw heck, Phil,” she sighed. “Let the girl go. She didn’t mean no harm. I think she’s a sweet heart.”

“Argh, fine,” The manager groaned. “Take her, doctor. Get her out of my sight.”

As the manager and his employee walked off, the officers handed the young girl to Akio and Niji and promptly retreated back to where they came from. The young girl said nothing, instead giving an intense look in the man’s direction.

“What’s your name?” Akio asked kindly.

“Chrysalis,” the girl replied quietly. “Who are you?”

“I’m Doctor Akio Fujioka,” Akio introduced. “And I’m sure you know Mew Spectral Galaxy.”

“Why did you save me?” Chrysalis demanded.

“Well, I saw you were in trouble and—”

“I don’t need your help,” Chrysalis interrupted. “I could have gotten out of that myself.”

Akio remained patient with the girl, while Niji began to grow tense.

“Maybe so,” Akio agreed, “But there’s something about you that led me to your aid. I see something in you, and I find it very intriguing.”

“Well, thanks?” Chrysalis said, confused. “I appreciate the defense, but I should get home. This day’s been rather disappointing for me.”

“Can we walk with you?” Akio asked. Chrysalis shrugged.

“Sure, I guess.”

Galaxy Mew Mew Icon

“So, how are you able to get around so well?” Niji questioned. “For someone who’s blind, you seem like you know what you’re doing and where to go.”

“Oh please, I know this ship like the back of my hand,” Chrysalis retorted. “I don’t know, I’ve been around a lot of places here. I still have trouble seeing some things, but, I guess for the most part, I can get around. Another thing that helps is that I can still see light and faint shadows. So, I’ll usually know if someone’s in front of me or what motions they’re making. Same with objects. As long as there’s some light, I can see its shadow. But again, it’s kind of hard. I really have to focus.”

“How long have you been like that?” Akio inquired.

“About four years,” Chrysalis answered. “I was blinded during the rush. I was with my parents and my older brother. Someone knocked me over and I hit my head on some steel. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see. I panicked, and my brother had to carry me in.”

“I see,” Akio murmured, holding a hand to his chin again.

“It was hard,” Chrysalis admitted. “I had to rely on my brother for a long time. I stumbled and tripped everywhere and eventually I was told to stay in my cabin. I felt weak.”

“But what happened?”

“I got sick of feeling sick,” Chrysalis said. “I decided to try and understand the world around me. I learned to use my ears and my hands, and to pay attention to those shadows I could see. It took a while, but eventually I got the hang of things. And I guess I learned to take care of myself. My mom and dad don’t notice. They’re too busy working long hours to earn more food and clothing and stuff. My brother stays in our cabin with me. He knows what I can do, but sometimes he forgets that I’m capable and he shelters me too much. I honestly like hanging out with him, but, he can be a spaz sometimes.”

“I can relate,” Niji chuckled, giving Akio a sly look. Akio looked away quickly, his face growing red.

Eventually, the trio reached Chrysalis’ cabin.

“You guys can come in if you’d like,” she invited. “But my parents will be home soon, and I don’t want them to get after me about going out on my own. So you’ll have to beat it before then.”

“That’s fine,” Akio responded. Chrysalis opened the door and the three stepped inside. Jason, who had been reading a book, looked up and widened his eyes.

“Is that…?”


Chrysalis plopped down on her bed.

“This is Mew Spectral Galaxy and some scientist named Akio,” she introduced. “They kind of got me out of trouble.”

“Trouble?” Jason raised his voice. “Chrysalis, what did you do?”

“I took the initiative,” Chrysalis replied bluntly. “But it almost got me arrested. I tried to fix a machine that nobody else could, and the stupid manager wanted to arrest me for trespassing. Go figure.”

Jason groaned.

“Chrysalis, you’re lucky these guys were there,” he said. “What if they weren’t? You’d get in trouble with the officers, with mom and dad, and especially with me.”

“Look, I’m fine, alright?” Chrysalis shot back. “Get off my back, sheesh!”

Jason shook his head and moved on to the guests in his cabin. He stood up and shook both of their hands.

“My name’s Jason,” He greeted. “I’m Chrysalis’ older brother.”

“Please to meet you,” Akio politely replied. “Chrysalis told us a little bit about you and herself. I have to say, she’s a very tough young lady.”

“Yeah,” Jason agreed. “Although sometimes she can be a handful.”

Chrysalis stuck out her tongue at him playfully.

“I’m very surprised to see the both of you here,” Jason admitted. “Not that I mind your company, but Is there a reason for it?”

“Well yes, I actually had a question to ask,” Akio spoke up. “I’ve taken quite an Interest in Chrysalis, and while her attitude still could use some work…”

Chrysalis lowered her eyebrows at Akio.

“…I think that she’d be very useful. I’d like to offer her a position as a laboratory assistant. To me, of course. I’d take good care of her, she’d get to know the Galaxy Mews, and all the lot. Of course, I might need her to stay close by, so she wouldn’t exactly be living here anymore.”

“Really?” Jason inquired with skepticism. “I mean, Akio, that sounds like a great opportunity for her, but, it seems awfully suspicious, don’t you think?”


“You’re here with that Mew girl. You’re asking to take her away for a long time. I hate to say this, but I don’t believe you. Now either you tell the truth, or I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Akio crossed his arms.

“Well, I guess I can’t avoid it,” he sighed. “I see that Chrysalis here is a very courageous, daring young lady. That’s the sort of thing I feel we could work with. I want her to join the Galaxy Mew team.”

“What?!” Chrysalis exclaimed. Jason pondered the idea for a moment.

“I’m not exactly sure about that…” He mumbled.

“Shouldn’t this be my choice?” Chrysalis reminded her brother. Jason nodded in agreement.

“Jason, Mew Spectral Galaxy…can you step outside for a moment, while I talk to Chrysalis?” Akio requested.

“Sure,” Jason agreed. He followed Niji out of the cabin and closed the door.

“You’re asking the wrong girl,” Chrysalis said bitterly.

“Are you afraid?” Akio asked.

“No!” Chrysalis shot back. “I’m not afraid of monsters. But that sort of life just isn’t for me.”

“Well, what if I offered you something in return?”

“Oh please, what could you possibly have that I want?”

“Your vision.”

Excuse me?”

Akio sighed and sat down on the bed across from Chrysalis.

“You see, when the colonies were first established,” he began, “We didn’t have all the right equipment and we had no other means of doing plenty of things—surgery included. And I’m sure that when you were blinded, you were told that you might not be able to have your vision restored because of this, unless I’m mistaken.”

“Yeah, so?”

So, as time has passed, we’ve been able to adapt. Our researchers, our scientists and doctors, we’ve managed to find alternatives to plenty of things. We can now grow our own food, we can recycle oxygen, and we can create lifelike simulations and much, much more. It’s been a mere four years, but we have come so much farther than we had anticipated, all to make life here more comfortable and convenient and to help everyone survive. While there is a lot that we still cannot do, we have found a way to perform things like surgery without bulky equipment. We can do it faster; the patient can recover quicker than back when we used to do that sort of thing on people. None of the surgeries are a perfect process. In fact, we are still in the midst of testing some of them on some volunteers for widespread releases on all colonies. But so far, the results are as expected. In the case of eye surgery, patients who had conditions or suffered through an event that left them blind…well they’ve all been cured.”

“What are you saying?” Chrysalis demanded.

“Well, if you let me, Chrysalis…” Akio leaned in. “I can get a few doctors to treat you. They can do something that they couldn’t before. Your vision could be restored.”

Chrysalis’ heart jumped. The fact that someone could help her see again excited her. However, she remained calm.

“Well so what?” She barked. “I’m handling being blind just fine. What makes you think I need your help?”
“Are you really so content?” Akio proclaimed. Chrysalis tilted her head down. She knew she wanted more than anything to see again. However, she didn’t want to appear weak. She wanted people to know that, whether with or without her vision, she could be strong and do anything that anyone else could.

“What, you’re going to blackmail me?” she blurted out, her voice more solemn. “I don’t get my sight back unless I join your little team?

“No,” Akio promised. “I’ll be more than happy to have them fix you up, regardless of whether or not you choose to join our team.”

“Wait, so you’re willing to just, give me my sight back? No catch?” Chrysalis scoffed. “That’s pretty congenial of you. But not very smart, if you ask me.”

“The choice is yours, Chrysalis,” Akio declared. “I’m only presenting you with an opportunity. What you do with it is up to you.”

He rose.

“I don’t have to think about it,” Chrysalis spat back. “I know what I want.”

“Do you?”

“Shut up!”

Akio walked to the door, and Chrysalis put a hand to her temples.

“I’ll give you tonight to think about it,” Akio said. “That should be enough time for you.”

Chrysalis scoffed and moved her head to her side,

“I’ll be back tomorrow,” Akio promised. “Alone this time.” He opened the cabin door and let Jason back in. The duo said their goodbyes and walked back to the laboratories. Jason sat with his sister and exhaled.

“Mew Spectral Galaxy told me her story,” He said. “About how she felt and what it was like to make a choice like this. She said the same about that other Galaxy Mew; she struggled to make the decision, but they both stuck to it because they were hoping to make a difference.”

“But I’m not like them,” Chrysalis muttered. “I don’t know…”

She turned to her brother.

“You know, Akio offered to give my sight back,” she told him. “He said that they had the technology to now. It’s still being tested, but, the chances of it working are high.”

“Really?” Jason was excited. “Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?”

“It is,” Chrysalis admitted. “I…I want to take it. He told me he’d get someone to do it regardless of whether I join that team or not…but I feel like…like I have to.”

“Chrysalis, you don’t have to,” Jason comforted. “There’s no need to feel pressured. If you don’t want to, then don’t. But you know what I think?”


“I think that you’ve got potential,” Jason said. “And if you really wanted to prove yourself to everyone, then this is the opportunity that you need to take. Now, it’s your call, Chrysalis. But whatever you choose, I just want you to know that I’m proud of you. And I’m sure mom and dad are too. They love you, and they want what’s best for you.”

“I don’t know, Jason,” Chrysalis mumbled, slumping down. “I didn’t really want to do it because, to be honest…I was worried. I didn’t want to leave you guys. I didn’t want to have to worry anyone.”

She sighed.

“But if it means that I can help bring us back home…maybe I could…try.”

Jason patted his sister on the back.

“Atta girl.”

Galaxy Mew Mew Icon

Akio returned the next day, whistling an old familiar tune as he walked. When he approached Chrysalis’ cabin, he found Chrysalis outside already, leaning back on the wall with her arms crossed.

“Is something wrong?” Akio proclaimed, leaning in a bit.

“You seem awfully cheery,” Chrysalis scoffed. “But no, I’m fine.”

She got off the wall and faced Akio.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said,” She told him. “And I’ve talked it over with my family.”

“Mm?” Akio put a hand on his chin with interest.

“I…Chrysalis looked away. “…I’ll take the surgery.”

Akio seemed disappointed.

But,” Chrysalis went on. “I’ll also join your team.”

Akio smiled.

“And you’re sure you and your family are okay with it?” He inquired. Chrysalis nodded.

“Very well. You did tell them to keep this strictly amongst themselves, right?”

Chrysalis nodded again, but did not respond otherwise. Akio turned, preparing to escort her into the laboratory before she suddenly stopped him.

“Wait!” Chrysalis blurted out. Akio turned and raised a brow at the girl. "I-I'm…sorry for how I treated you. It's just…just my nature, I guess…"

“That’s perfectly alright,” Akio said with a smile, resting a hand on Chrysalis’ shoulder. “As long as you remember what’s right, there’s never a need to apologize to me about that sort of thing.”

He chuckled.

“Besides, I’ve met much worse.”

Chrysalis smiled sheepishly at Akio's kindness and, without saying another word, walked with him back to the laboratories. He met with a doctor there set to perform the surgery and gave a physical check on Chrysalis’ eyes.

“The process should last an hour at best, and recovery a few days,” Akio explained.

“That’s fine,” Chrysalis said. “Are you sure this will work?”

“We’ve had complete success with all patients lately,” Akio told her. “The process is pretty much perfected at this point, isn’t it doctor?”

The doctor nodded. He walked out of the room to prepare a space in the operation theater for his patient.

“Say, why aren’t you giving me the surgery? Chrysalis asked. “Aren’t you a doctor?”

“Yes,” Akio admitted. “But not of medicine. I had studied in medicine after high school, but I was unable to get my doctorate. So, I switched my field to genetics shortly after. I’m more so a scientist than a physician. I can take care of patients, It’s just that It’s not my profession. Since I deal in genetics. I do a lot of deskwork and lab studies as opposed to patient care.”

“Do you enjoy it?”

“It’s hard work, but I do. Especially now that I’m working with the Galaxy Mews. They make things more pleasant and help me take my mind off of things sometimes.”

“What are they like?” Chrysalis questioned.

“Oh, they’re very kind, very compliant and very reliable,” Akio replied. “Mew Radiant sun, well she’s but a child. She’s still learning and growing, but she’s very kind. And Mew Spectral Galaxy…”

He smiled warmly.

“Well, she’s a very courageous woman. She works hard and she’s a good leader. And she likes to help me with my work sometimes. She’s a very kind woman and she’s very easy to get along with.”

“They sound nice,” Chrysalis mused. She began to kick her feet back and forth. “I just hope they’ll like me. I don’t mean to come off as a prude or anything.”

“Oh no, Chrysalis,” Akio assured her. “You’ve got an attitude that shows, but you have the capability to be very kind and loyal. I think you’re a very likable person. Besides, everyone has flaws. Yours are no different than, say, someone in another colony.”

Chrysalis grinned.

“You sound just like my dad,” she chuckled. “You remind me a lot of him.”

The doctor entered just then, calling for Chrysalis. Akio walked with her to the operation theater, but released the girl into the hands of the other doctors when they arrived.

“You’ll be fine, don’t worry,” He reassured his new friend. “I promise, they’ll take care of you. And I’ll be there while you recover.”

Chrysalis took a deep breath and laid down on the operation table.

It took more time than expected, but eventually the doctors completed the operation successfully. They put covers over their patient's eyes to protect them post-surgery, and soon after, took her to a separate room to recover. Akio met with her shortly, after the doctors left the duo alone, and sat down by the girl's side.

“This feels really weird,” Chrysalis sighed. “I’ve never really had surgery of any kind before so it’s a little off-putting.”

“I can understand,” Akio acknowledged. “I was under the knife once as a kid after totally busting up my nose in a fight. Didn’t feel very nice.”

“I can imagine,” Chrysalis shuddered. “Although I can’t really see you as the fighting type.”

“I wasn’t,” Akio looked away. “I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I got a beating for it. My mom was freaked out, but my dad was disappointed for not defending myself.”

The young man leaned back in his chair.

“Well anyway, we can remove those covers over your eyes now,” He said. “It’s been a few hours.”

“You sure?” Chrysalis hesitated.

“Of course.”

Akio stepped over to Chrysalis, who promptly sat up as he leaned over from behind her. Slowly, the man removed the eye covers. Chrysalis kept her eyes shut as he did so, but quickly opened them once she felt the things come off, eager to know whether the operation truly repaired her sight. Akio moved directly in front of her, leaned in and her head close to his, checking his friend's eyes for clarity.

“Can you see?” He asked. Chrysalis' lips curved slowly up, and she smiled widely at him. Pent up with emotion and unable to muster speech, the girl simply nodded. Akio smiled back at her with relief.

“How does it feel?”


Chrysalis couldn’t bring herself to speak. She could see just as clearly now as before her incident—the feeling she carried was one of the greatest she'd felt in years.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to say anything,” Akio chuckled. Chrysalis nodded happily in agreement, and her mentor helped the girl up. Chrysalis could finally see, and while her eyes proved fairly sensitive to light after not being used to it for so long, she still managed to handle her vision well. When she got herself out of the bed, she wrapped her arms around Akio in a hug, surprising him.

“Thank you so much!” She exclaimed. Her mentor returned the hug and smiled.

“Anytime,” he promised.

Chrysalis needed to wait a few days before Akio could allow her to undergo the procedure that would transform the girl into a Mew Mew, but her future teammates did try to meet with her when not incredibly busy. Together they chatted a bit, getting to know each other better, and while Chrysalis teased Hikari quite a bit and let her proud, dominant nature loose, the team otherwise loved their new member. Niji and Hikari introduced themselves, and everyone took a chance to tell their life stories and discus things that they liked. Niji and Chrysalis hit it off quite well, and she would often rush to meet with her after completing daily missions with Hikari. Within four days, Chrysalis' eyes healed completely, and she Akio thought her ready to become a Galaxy Mew. The geneticist explained the process and conditions to his patient, who accepted them without hesitation. Her mentor then strapped her in, instructing her to relax. and soon left her alone. Niji and Hikari stood with Akio up in the control room. They smiled at their new friend as the process launched. Immediately, warmth engulfed the room below them. Chrysalis felt her body becoming numb, but in a manner that felt pleasant as opposed to uncomfortable. She soon grew weary and dizzy with warmth. Before she closed them, her eyes followed the faded outline of a small bird, flying about in the light. Within a few moments, Chrysalis lost consciousness, and the process came to an end.

When she woke, the new Mew's teammates stood around the side of the bed she slept in, with Akio checking her pulse. They all smiled as she met their gaze, and the headstrong Mew returned her own weakly. Chrysalis sat up to examine herself, noting a bright blue and white dress around her body with gloves, garters and shoes of matching color. She felt something coming out from her backside and turned to see a white bird’s tail and wings sprouting from her upper and lower back. Though it alarmed her, it surprisingly didn't feel painful.

“How long have I been out?” She questioned, holding her head.

“Only a few hours,” Hikari told her new teammate. “Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little taken in, you know?”

“Same as everyone else,” Niji chuckled. “When they first became a Mew.”

“Do you think you’re ready to try out your new form?” Akio asked.

“Of course!” Chrysalis grinned at him. “I feel heaps stronger than before. I’m ready for anything.”

“Then let’s get to it.”

Galaxy Mew Mew Icon

In the Gymnasium, Chrysalis put on a show of brutality—relentlessly tearing dummies apart and showing no restraint in fighting with her fists as well as with her newfound powers. Akio soon discovered that she harnessed lunar powers and the ability to fly with her wings, though not for incredibly long times.

“Wow, this is cool!” She squeaked, flying around the room before landing lightly on a pile of broken test dummies upon discovering this ability. Along it, Chrysalis could channel various elements through her weapon, the Cosmic Bow. The team found that she could generate blasts of water and freeze things with her arrow. She could also make the arrows much heavier so that they hurt more and created a greater force on impact.

“That’s way cool!” Hikari exclaimed in amazement. “I wish I could do that.”

“Hey, you’ve got the sun,” Niji reminded her with a playful nudge. “You’re already pretty powerful.”

“But I want to fly too!”

Akio shook his head.

“I’m going to have to get someone to fix all these dummies,” He mumbled.

When Chrysalis finished with her training, Akio gave the Mew water, and the others surrounded her.

“How fitting that you should gain lunar powers on a Monday,” Akio chuckled to himself. “Do you know anything about the ancient Greeks?”

“What does that matter?” Chrysalis questioned, confused. She took a long drink of water and exhaled loudly, wiping off her mouth with her arm.

“Oh, never mind,” Akio said coyly, patting his teammate on the back. “Just an older gentleman remembering an old piece of history.”

“So, you think you’ve got the hang of this now?” Niji proclaimed, smirking.

“Sure enough,” Chrysalis answered. “In fact, I think I could take you on.”

“Oh, do you?” Niji chuckled. “Come on, let’s go a round.”

“Aw, yeah!”

“Girls, I think she’s done enough for today,” Akio warned.

“Oh, come on, Akio,” Niji grumbled. “Let me have a little fun this time, please?”

“Yeah, I can still stand,” Chrysalis agreed. She punched her palm and grinned. “I can take her, no problem.”

“Oh, we’ll see about that!” Niji laughed.

“Alright, carry on,” Akio sighed. “But it’s getting late. You ought to get some sleep soon if you’re going to get up early.”

“Wait, am I going with them?” Chrysalis inquired.

“Why, yes,” Akio responded. “I see that you’ve taken to your form just about immediately. If it’s taken you this short of a time to get accustomed to your Mew form and know how to use your powers, then of course I’d be willing to let you go out sooner. Besides, there’ll be three of you. It should be a lot easier. Unless you don’t want to.”

“Are you kidding me?” Chrysalis scoffed. “Of course I wanna go!”

“Oh, don’t get cocky, kiddo,” Niji teased, nudging her partner. “It’s tons more work than you’d expect.”

“Right, sorry,” Chrysalis smiled sheepishly.

“Hey, you wanna stay and watch, Hikari?” Niji inquired. Hikari shook her head.

“No thanks, I’m going to take Akio’s advice and get some sleep,” She said. “I’ll catch you later.”

The other two girls fought against each other in a heated battle, trying not to injure one another as best they could. But for the most part, they went all out. The fight raged on for a while, packed with swinging fists, jolting kicks, weapon use and swift dodging. The girls went at it for so long that neither of them managed to defeat the other, leading to a called draw. Afterwards, the girls took a brief rest to chat before the needed to return to the cabin. The Mews sat on an elevated platform by the entrance of the gym.

“So, what’s it like to have to babysit?” Chrysalis asked, swinging her legs back and forth. “I’ve never been around kids younger than me. I’ve mostly been around older people. Kinda like my brother. He’s actually in his mid-twenties, like Akio.”

“It’s not so bad,” Niji confessed. “I’m able to adapt, really. I can talk to older people, take care of younger kids, and all that jazz. Hikari’s not really that young, actually. She’s just frail-looking. She’s actually pretty tough for a girl like herself, considering how shy she was when we found her.”

“Seems like a nice kid,” Chrysalis mused, taking a sip of her water. “I don’t usually like those kinds of people, to be honest. I feel like there’s no reason to be shy about things. But I guess she’s not so bad. At least she’s able to take care of herself.”

Niji leaned back and spread her palms flat out behind her. The girls were silent for a moment before Niji spoke up again.

“What was your family like before you came here?” she asked.

“Eh, like a typical family I guess,” Chrysalis answered. “My father’s from Germany and he met my mom during a trip to America. They’re really nice but my dad can be pretty tough. My brother’s a lot like my mom but he sounds like my dad sometimes. He speaks more German than I do, and he used to chat with my father a lot in the same tongue. I never caught on as much. I used to spend a lot of time with my dad when my brother was at work. He taught me a lot of stuff, and we always had little chats. I spent more time with my mom as a kid than as a teenager, and I hardly ever hung out with my brother before I came to the colony.”

“At least you got close with them,” Niji laughed. “You’re pretty lucky to have had them with you on the colony, you know?”

Niji looked up and sighed.

“Do you think we’ll really be able to clear out a whole planet by ourselves?” She wondered. “At the rate Hikari and I were going, we were able to clear out a few cities within a week, but we had to really push ourselves. And to be completely truthful, there are a lot of cities out there. I’m not sure how long this will take. I’m not even sure if that’s all we were meant to do, you know?”

“What do you mean?” Chrysalis pondered.

“I mean…this can’t be all that we need to do,” Niji replied. “I feel like there’s something else, something nobody told us.”

“You don’t think Akio would lie or keep information from us, do you?” Chrysalis protested. “He’s a nice guy, he’d never do that. You and I both know it.”

“No, of course not,” Niji shook her head. “I really like Akio. I trust him, and he trusts us. He takes care of his own. But I don’t know, I’m wondering—what if the aliens that started this in the first place come back? What then?”

“Well, we’ll kick their butts and get them off of our planet, that’s what!” Chrysalis asserted. “I guess that is a problem, though. But hey, we’re the Galaxy Mews, right? We can take a few aliens. Besides, as far as Chimera Anima go, there’s a finite number. So you shouldn’t worry so much as if they’re going to replicate or something.”

“Guess so,” Niji sighed. She stood up and flipped her hair back. “I’m going to bed. It’s almost midnight. Gotta get up early to meet Akio here again tomorrow.”

“Guess I’ll go too,” Chrysalis groaned, rising. She walked with her friend towards the entrance to the laboratories but stopped when she noticed her partner trying to go another direction.

“Where are you going?” She asked. “Our cabin’s this way, remember?”

“You go ahead, I forgot something,” Niji told Chrysalis, waving her hand towards the entrance. Chrysalis shrugged and went off without her. Niji retreated into the laboratories and found Akio asleep at his desk again. She picked up his lab coat from the chair and draped it over his body like a blanket. When she finished, Niji quietly stepped away and headed back to her cabin, smiling to herself.

Galaxy Mew Mew Icon

“Oh, Hikari, you’re here early.” Akio noted, looking up from his computer.

“Oh, I’m not the only one coming right now,” Hikari explained, walking towards her mentor swiftly with her arms behind her back. She had a smug little look on her face. “I just got here quicker since Niji and Chrysalis went to bed late and got less sleep. They’re taking their sweet time getting over here.”

Akio laughed.

“Ah, what did I tell them?” He mused. “But I’m glad they had their fun. It’s always good to have something to do in these times.”

Hikari crouched down beside Akio and peeked at his work. The bell on her tail jingled as her tail flicked about in curiosity.

“Whatcha doing? She inspected, moving her eyes to and fro as Akio picked up and put down various tools.

“I’m fixing my computer,” Akio replied bluntly. “I had to go and get a few parts for it a few days back but I never got around to fixing it because of all the things I had to deal with on the Mew Project. Must be nice to have another member on your team, mm?”

“Kind of,” Hikari replied. “But she’s kinda scary. And a little mean.”

“You’ll learn to get used to her,” Akio grunted, twisting some mechanisms around. “And she’ll learn to be nice to you—oh my, that doesn’t go there at all…”

“I guess,” Hikari agreed, continuing to flick her tail about.

“Well you know,” Akio began, holding a small screwdriver in his mouth. “Cats are known to chase birds around. And birds sometimes mess with cats, too. But sometimes cats and birds get along, just like cats and dogs can. I think you two will be fine.”

“Think so?” Hikari proclaimed. “I guess that makes sense.”

Just then, Niji and Chrysalis walked in, yawning and stretching.

“Good morning, Akio,” Niji greeted happily. “We’re ready whenever you are.”

“That so?” Akio mumbled. He dropped his work and put the screwdriver back on the table. “Alright, let’s get to the docking bay.”

Hikari went ahead and Chrysalis followed by her side. Niji stayed behind them with Akio.

“Say, Niji,” Akio began, “When I woke up this morning, I found that someone had put my lab coat over me. Would that someone happen to be you?”

“You’re crazy,” Niji said with a grin. She brushed some of her hair back and dropped her eyes to the side with frivolity.

“Thank you, Niji.” Akio gratified, smiling.

The four reached the launch bay and Akio went over the usual procedure with Chrysalis.

“Where are we headed?” Hikari proclaimed.

“I’m sending you three to the southern part of British Columbia, Canada,” Akio answered. “There are a few more Chimera Anima there than the other places I’ve sent you as first battles, but it should be the same for the most part.”

He handed the three girls radio devices, sent them into the craft and saw the girls off as Niji took them ship out into the cosmic space before them. Chrysalis was astonished.

“It’s so beautiful out here!” She gasped, pressing herself against the window to look out at the stars and the other colony ships floating around them. “And to think I’ve never seen it before…”

“It’s quite a view,” Niji agreed.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Chrysalis said gleefully, her eyes wide with childlike wonder.

Within three hours, the trio landed in their destination safely. The Mews departed from the craft and stuck by it to locate a Chimera Anima. The land around them was freezing cold, and the wind was blowing. There were a few buildings and houses that still stood, but most of them had been destroyed. In the distance, the girls could hear the noises of various Chimera Anima.

“It’s really cold,” Hikari noted, shivering. “I may have the power of the sun, but I still feel chilly.”

“You’ll have to get used to that for now,” Akio called from the other side of the radio. “Your Mew bodies are extraordinary and adaptable, but it takes a while of it being out in the cold to do so. You’ll feel fine within a few minutes.”

“Akio, you are one heck of a scientist,” Niji chuckled. “You thought of everything, didn’t you?”

“It’s better to over prepare than to be caught underprepared,” Akio responded.

The girls suddenly heard hissing and movement somewhere behind them and turned around.”

“Please don’t tell me that’s a snake!” Hikari squeaked. “I hate snakes!”

“It couldn’t be,” Chrysalis shook her head. “How could a snake survive in the cold? They usually retreat somewhere, don’t they?”

“You’re forgetting that these are Chimera Anima,” Niji reminded her, examining the area in front of her. “I’m sure that whatever infected them could have easily removed that trait from them.”

“Mew Spectral Galaxy is right,” Akio agreed. “Consider it a genetic mutation, or even adaption.”

Hikari whimpered, and her tail drooped down.

“Sorry, I’m not helping, am I?” Akio noticed.

“Don’t worry, Hikari,” Niji comforted. “Remember, there are three of us. And we’re stronger than they are.”

“Right,” Hikari nodded, gathering herself again. Chrysalis scoffed at Hikari for being afraid, and Niji flashed her a stern look.

“Let’s head over,” She spoke. “I don’t feel too comfortable being close to the ship. If a Chimera Anima finds us with it and destroys it, we’ll be stuck here for a while waiting for another one.”

The other girls agreed and followed Niji into the snowy world before them. They tried to stick low so that other Chimera Anima would not find them. Eventually, they came to a large lake, frozen solid. There were broken trees surrounding them.

“Where’s that Chimera Anima…” Niji mused. As soon as she spoke, a large rattlesnake Chimera Anima came slithering through the trees and around the lake. The Mews immediately sprang into action and began to attack it.

“Blazing Bell!” Hikari summoned. “Ribbon Flame Blast!”

The snake dodged the attack and went in to strike Hikari. Luckily, she was able to jump to the side before it hit her.

“Cosmic Bow!”

Chrysalis flew into the air and began to fire heavy arrows at the creature, who swiftly dodged them.

“Dang it!” She hissed. “This thing’s too fast and too thin! No way we can hit it!”

The snake swiped its tail at Chrysalis and sent her crashing down into the snow.

“Spectral Whip!” Niji called. She began to lash out at the creature and manage to grab it by the neck. However, it slipped right through her grasp and hissed at her.

Hikari stepped up and tried to physically attack the Chimera Anima this time, only to be grabbed by its tail and thrown into the ground like Chrysalis.

“This is impossible!” Hikari groaned, getting up.

“Don’t give up yet!” Niji cried out, avoiding incoming attacks from the creature. Chrysalis, who had been holding her head in sudden dizziness after being swatted down, looked up at the snake and her teammates fighting it over the thick ice.

“Akio, can this kind of snake survive in the water?” She tersely questioned.

“Yes,” Akio answered quickly. “But why are you asking?”

“No time for that right now,” Chrysalis said. She flew up again and shouted to her teammates. “Mew Spectral Galaxy, Mew Radiant Sun, get out of the way!”

Her teammates did as told and jumped out of the way. Chrysalis quickly fired a heavy-set bow towards the ice, which broke and caused the snake to fall in the water.

“What are you doing?” Hikari shouted. “Akio told you that rattlesnakes can survive in the water!”

“Just let me work,” Chrysalis spoke back into the radio. She kept her arrow pointed at the lake and a sharp eye out for the snake. When it arose, she made her move.

“Ribbon Lunar Strike!”

She shot an arrow, infused with the power of ice, straight at the wet snake and the water around it. The Chimera Anima had no time to react as the water around it began to freeze. The water on the snake also froze, and the ice crept up and encased the snake in it. The creature was now frozen solid.

“Quick, Mew Spectral Galaxy, attack it!” Chrysalis cried. Niji did as told and attacked.

“Ribbon Spectral Divide!”

With one fell swoop, Niji broke the frozen beast into pieces, and the Chimera Anima vanished. In its place, a tiny jellyfish creature arose. Hikari quickly disposed of it with her weapon.

“That was a close one,” She said, rolling her arm around. “That throw really hurt my shoulder.”

Chrysalis met up with her friends back on the ground.

“That was some smart thinking,” Niji complimented with a smile. “Not bad.”

“Thanks,” Chrysalis replied, beaming. “You two weren’t so bad yourselves.”

“Oh, teamwork,” Akio mused. “You Mews are getting faster at this. You’ll definitely be able to get rid of more Chimera Anima in a week. Progress is stunning.”

“Well anyway,” Hikari began, “We should head—”

Just then, another Chimera Anima came charging in: A Large bison. Before Niji or Hikari could react, Chrysalis turned quickly and shot the monster with a heavy arrow. While it was down, she attacked again.

“Ribbon Lunar Strike!”

Immediately, the bison disappeared and another jellyfish creature appeared in its place before her. Without thought, Chrysalis struck the thing hard with her bow and turned around again to face her friends. Both of them wore bewildered expressions on their faces.

“What?” Chrysalis shrugged, raising a brow. “Someone had to react.”

“I think maybe we should head back,” Hikari suggested slowly, still dumbfounded.

“Geez, you guys look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Chrysalis laughed. “Come on, let’s get going!”

“How on earth did she do that?” Hikari asked Niji with wonder. Niji shrugged.

“Must be a German thing.”

Galaxy Mew Mew Icon

The girls arrived at the colony and were briefly examined for any trauma. After they were declared unharmed, Akio congratulated the girls.

“You’re a dream, Chrysalis,” Akio said, grinning. “I’m really glad I got the chance to meet you.”

“Hey, don’t forget I’m the one who wanted to look into it,” Niji laughed. “But hey, good job, Chrysalis.”

“Thanks,” their teammate said. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “And thank you guys, for saving me and restoring my vision.”

“Sooo,” Hikari chirped, bouncing up and down in excitement. “What should her Mew name be?”

“Well, you’re moon related,” Niji shrugged. “I dunno, what do you think, Akio?”

“How about…” Akio pondered for a moment. “Mew Lunar Dream?”
“Sounds mystic,” Chrysalis giggled. “I can roll with that. Makes me sound sophisticated.

She stuck her lips out and put her hands on her hips mockingly. Hikari and Niji chuckled.

“So, you ready to make a public appearance?” Akio inquired. “The colonies have a right to know who their new Galactic Heroine is!”

“Without a doubt!” Chrysalis excitedly obliged.

The broadcast was shown throughout all colonies, giving everyone the chance to see their third heroine of the Galaxy Mew Team. Children bounced excitedly, adults gave a nod and everyone seemed relatively happy to have a new savior. Especially those in the cramped old cabin that Chrysalis once lived in.

Chrysalis’ mother and father looked on at their child from their cabin’s screen, shocked and ever proud of their daughter. They were proud that she was fighting for their home and delighted to see their daughter smiling and seeing the world around her like she had always wanted to. Jason, especially, felt proud of his sister, and confident that she and her team would find a way to get them back home.

“I hope she’ll be alright out there.” Chrysalis’ mother teared up. “Oh, my baby…”

“I know she’ll be fine,” Jason assured his mother. “After all, she’s tough.”

“That’s my girl,” his father spoke, smiling. “Do me proud, alright?”

Jason looked back at his sister on the screen. Chrysalis looked happy and well. He could see on her face that she was glad to be a part of something great, and for him that was all that mattered. He didn’t mind if he wouldn’t get to see her again for a while. Although he couldn’t say the same for his parents, Jason felt confident that his sister would help bring them all home, once and for all.

Ich glaube an dich, he thought to himself, smiling.



  • The title is in German, and it means something along the lines of ‘The first step is the hardest'.
  • The German at the end is translated as ‘I believe in you’.
  • Monday is the day that the Greeks and the Babylonians had named after the moon. And the moon is what Mew Lunar Dream is themed with. This is why Akio points out the day after Chrysalis’ training.

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