Hikaru is a character in Deus Mew Mew. Her alias is Mew Devi.

Mew Devi


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Mew Devi used to be known as Hikaru Nakamura, a girl who lived much like everyone else. She went to school and came home to a tepid, bleak atmosphere every day; nothing exciting ever happened to her. Hikaru never had any friends and her family never really noticed her all too much since they were always so busy, but she liked it that way and was perfectly fine going about her daily life as she did. Hikaru was very bright and performed well in school. To her, that’s all that mattered. She never knew how to interact with anybody except with politeness and gratitude, and nobody had ever bothered her before.

However, within another year of school, she encountered a young girl named Lea. She was a very sour girl, a bully who would push others around to get what she wanted. As soon as she picked Hikaru out, she began to torture the girl socially and mentally. She would often times harm her or destroy her property out of some sadistic pleasure. Hikaru, normally understanding and peaceful, grew to hate her entirely, but she was much too afraid to say anything at all. Besides, who would listen to a nobody like her?

Hikaru grew angry with Lea, and she began to write about all the horrible things she wish she could do to get back at her. Lea found out about these things and decided to have fun with Hikaru. She locked her in a boiler room near the school’s gym, where it was dark, musty and cramped. Her victim was terrified, but  also extremely furious. She snapped, and she began to beat against the doors and walls, cursing at Lea and tearing the room apart in a rage. Lea simply laughed at her, amused. Mew Diabolus sensed Hikaru’s anger and spite. and, intrigued, went to introduce herself. She told Hikaru who she was, and that she wanted her to be able to make others suffer. She offered the girl the chance to work alongside her and get back at her enemies. Having lost her senses entirely, Hikaru agreed with a grim, crazed smile. From then on, she had abandoned her name and became known as Mew Devi—a silent demon.

Unbeknownst to Hikaru, a fellow classmate had spotted the disruption and went to fetch the gym teacher. But by the time they came to the boiler room, they found that the doors had been forced open, the room in shambles, and an enormous amount of blood scattered throughout, but no body to be found. As for Hikaru, there was never any sign of her again.

Mew Devi's allies are Mew Diabolus and Mew Crimson Prayer.


Mew Devi is sadistic and silent. She never speaks a word, and because of her constant monotonous expression, one may never know just what she is thinking. Mew Devi is very obedient and kind to her savior and her master Hades. To others, she is ruthless and horrible, taking on a similar approach in her actions as Kamira. She never expresses any emotion or reacts to a situation all too quickly (unless she has to). She will occasionally visit Mew Crimson Prayer, who will speak to her of what troubles brew in her mind, despite the fact that her comrade cannot answer.


Mew Devi relies heavily on the power of fire, but also harnesses the power of shadow. She channels her abilities through her Flaming Castanets, but may also manipulate these elements in a manner like her leader. Mew Devi also relies on mimicry in battle, often using it to counter any attacks or confuse a target.


Created by AnnikaDoll

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