Luna is one of the protagonist characters in Deus Mew Mew. Her alias is Mew Hope.

Mew Hope


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Luna Jacobs was a happy ten-year-old girl with a mother and a younger brother. She loved her brother dearly, although he grew up very sick. At one point, their mother was told that her son needed a new lung if he wanted to live. Unfortunately, there were complications in getting a donor, and everything seemed hopeless for the boy. Luna heard of this and became worried. She didn’t want to lose her brother, so she went up to her mother and told her she’d offer to give up her lung so that her brother may survive. Luna’s mother was shocked, refusing her child at first and trying to convince her otherwise, but Luna persisted. Eventually, her mother let her go through with the procedure. Luna’s brother received her lung, but his sister became very sick and weak with infection soon afterwards.
Mew Angelus found out about this child and her kind deed and decided to reward her. She offered Luna the chance to do good and protect more than just her brother by joining her. However, she’d have to leave behind her memory and her old life. Luna agreed, wanting nothing but to help, and she went with Mew Angelus to Zeus. He erased her human memory and healed her body. She then was infused with the power of light and sky. From then on, the young girl was in league with Zeus and Mew Angelus.

Her allies are Mew Angelus and Mew Faith


Mew Hope is sweet and always keeps her chin up no matter what. Despite her sweet nature, she is very pushy when need be and will stop at nothing to get things done. Mew Hope is also very charismatic and will lift the spirits of anyone she meets. She tends to go out on her own sometimes and watch over younger children, although she cannot explain why, nor will Zeus ever tell her.


Mew Hope harnesses the power of the clouds and the sky as well as light and thunder, channeling such power through her weapon, the Ring of Zeus. She is much weaker than her teammates, but she puts her powers to more use than just for fighting. Because she has trouble in battle, she relies on the Ring of Zeus, bestowed upon her by Zeus himself, to aid her. It is extremely powerful and helps her to fight much better than with just her abilities. But while excessively powerful, it also drains the user, which forces Mew Hope to be careful with how she does use it.


Created by AnnikaDoll

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