Page Setup Guidelines

Here's one of the ways to set up your pages that is both acceptable by our Wiki's standards and easy to fill out. You don't have to follow it exactly, nor do you need to use each section. If you have your own setup for pages, that's perfectly fine! This is only a guideline for those who need it. Feel free to copy and paste it onto your page (NB: in order to get the table onto your page properly you will need to copy the coding and paste that into your page).

Here's a nice little table to add information. Totally optional, but fun to use!  Don't be afraid to edit the fields either!
Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Mew Form
Animal DNA
Mew Mark
Other Information


Describe your character, give us a little insight on back story, likes, dislikes, etc.


Describe your character's personality!


What does your character look like?

Mew Form

If applicable, describe their Mew form.


Add any special quotes from stories and such can go here.


Share some neat facts, be it from their development or just quirks of their character!


Add your character images in a gallery.

A Lesson on Categories

In order to keep everything on the wiki nice and organized, there are a number of categories that you can add to your pages.  This is just a brief overview of how categories are organized.


  • A category for your pages.  This is just so that all of your pages can be kept in one place for easy access.  For example, all of Sammy Mouse's pages are located in the category Sammy Mouse's Things.
  • Of course, any page that is not complete belongs in the Incomplete Pages category.
  • Pages that provide an overview of your fanfiction (such as the Mu Mew Myu page) belong in the Story Hubs category while pages containing a list of chapters of a story (such as Mu Mew Myu Chapters) belong in the Chapter Hubs category.
  • All pages relating to the actual writing of your story (be they either of the above types or pages containing an individual chapter of a story) can also be put in the category.
  • Pages about a team of Mews belong in the Mew Teams category and not in categories related to the individual characters.

Character Pages:

  • For a character page you're going to want to define whether they're a Mew, an Alien, a scientist, or just a regular human.
  • And in the case of Mews, what kind of animal(s) they are infused with.
  • Are they male or female (there is not currently an "other" category for gender simply because we've never needed it before, but if you really want it for your character than you can create it).
  • Characters can also be divided by what kind of weapon they use.
  • Do they fit into the archetype of heroanti-hero, or villain?  (NB: Hero and protagonist are different things so if you want to write a story with the bad guy as the main character more power to you, but they still count as a villain.)

What Constitutes as a Completed Page?

Simply put, a completed page has all of its basic information. It describes the character, gives a little bit of back story, and gives us a good idea of who the character is, as well as meeting Wiki standards. Pictures are encouraged, but not necessary. A completed page does not reside in the "Incomplete Pages" category. They can be continually edited and changed, just like any other page, and can even be completely redone! Sometimes, if you feel the need to redo a page over time, you can place it back in the "Incomplete Pages" category (and its partner category that is specifically for these circumstances, "Remodelling") and come back to it later.

Examples of Completed Pages

These pages are examples that fit our Wiki's standards for completed pages. Your pages don't have to be this long to count as finished!

Incomplete Pages

An incompleted page is a page that either does not meet our wiki's standards and is continually being edited, or is undergoing major changes. Any incomplete page should be placed in the "Incomplete Pages" category, or it risks deletion. See the Deletion section below on how to prevent this from happening.

Severely Below Standard Pages

If a page is severely below standard and is not edited within one month, it too will be marked for deletion and will be deleted. Severely below standard pages include "skeleton pages", pages with little to no information, and otherwise empty pages with only a profile. No amount of art will prevent a page from being severely below standard. As we've stated before, art cannot save a page from deletion.


Any page that doesn't meet our wiki's standards and isn't added to the "Incomplete Pages" risks deletion. If a page sits in the "Incomplete Pages" category for over three months and isn't edited by its page owner (housekeeping edits made by admins don't count) during that time, it will be marked for deletion. During this time, the author of the page still has a chance to edit the page, else it will be deleted. Exceptions can be made if a certain user goes on holiday, gets sick, or other circumstances that would prevent them from editing. Please keep in mind, exceptions will only be made if an administrator is notified.

Preventing Deletion

You can prevent your pages from being deleted by making frequent edits to improve them. Even if a page is marked for deletion, you can still edit and save them. Every little bit counts!

Absent/Banned Users

If a user is banned or disappears from the wiki, their incomplete pages are still subject for deletion and will be deleted. Completed pages belonging to disappeared users will remain on the wiki. Those belonging to banned users may be deleted, depending on the situation. Please keep this in mind if you come back after a long period of time and discover your pages have been deleted.


If you are going to be unable to edit your pages for a long period of time (e.g. more than three months) then you can contact an Administrator and request that your pages be put in the WikiSafe category. Pages in the WikiSafe are protected from deletion for a period of time discussed between owner and administrator.

Pages can only be added to the WikiSafe category by Administrators or Bureaucrats; any users found adding pages to the WikiSafe category will receive a warning or a temporary/permanent block, depending on the severity of the situation. Please keep in mind that banned users are not entitled to the WikiSafe.

The WikiSafe is not to be used to circumvent pages being deleted due to inactivity. It is to be used only when a user cannot edit their pages at all, and would like them to still be here when they return. Users on leave for an indefinite time are not likely to be granted WikiSafe options.

An example of the WikiSafe in action would be if User A is moving, and their computer will be unavailable for X months. User A then asks Admin B to add their incomplete pages to the WikiSafe, where they will remain for X months. During this time, User A's incomplete pages are safe from deletion. After X months time, User A's pages will be removed from the WikiSafe and will once again be subject to deletion, whether or not User A has returned.

If you have any questions or would like to request your incomplete pages be placed in the WikiSafe, please contact an administrator.

Restoring Deleted Pages

If you have come back from a long absence and have discovered your pages have been deleted, don't worry! Even deleted pages can be restored. All you have to do is message one of the staff and ask them to restore your pages. Keep in mind, you need to remember the names of your pages to get them restored! It's much harder to restore a page when we don't know the name of it.

When a page is restored, it is still at risk for deletion. If a restored page is not edited within one month, it will be re-deleted. Re-deleted pages can be restored once more, but if they are not edited within another month, they will be deleted once more and likely will not be restored a third time. If your deleted page has been restored, we advise you to edit it as soon as possible to prevent it from being re-deleted. Note: Administrators reserve the right to refuse to restore certain pages, such as those belonging to banned users.

For more on restoring pages, see here.

On the Topic of Recolors

NB: Dollmaker dolls also fall under this clause, thank you.

We all know what lovely designs the original Tokyo Mew Mews have, and we know how easy it is to just paint them a new color and try to call it your own. However, we here on the Tokyo Mew Mew Fanon wiki staff discourage the practice of recoloring. It hinders your artistic ability and greatly lowers the chances of having unique designs for your characters. In some countries it can even be considered illegal! The admins highly encourage original designs and wish that recoloring be kept to a minimum. We're not expecting modern Picassos, but we look forward to seeing unique designs made by you!

Mew Mew Hotline~!

No need to fret if you can't draw! We know not everyone is gifted with artistic ability for creating designs, so we're now providing anyone who lacks the ability to draw a way to bring their designs to life. Simply visit the Mew Mew Hotline~! page and fill out a form, and one of our volunteer artists will do their best to draw your design!

Recoloring Fan Art and Fan Mews

While we discourage recoloring in general, we prohibit the recoloring of other people's art, fan art, and fan characters. This is considered art theft and you can be banned for it. It operates on a three strikes system though so all you have to do to ensure your account remains active is listen to any warnings the admins give you. Recolouring other people's fan characters is considered particularly egregious, and will not be tolerated.