Tokyo Mew Mew - Wonderland

Tokyo Mew Mew - Wonderland

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Mew Mew Power, New Adventures!

Season 1 Plot

Mew Mew Power, A Litemon's Dream is a show created by Gwen the Mouse. It centers around Thirza, Destiney, Grace, Gwen, and all their best friends! More coming soon!

Season 2 Plot

Mew Teams and Characters

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Emerald Mew Mews

What's a show without these girls?

Destiney - Mew Destiney

Ambrosine - Mew Ambrosine

Sasha - Mew Sasha

Miley - Mew Miley

Yangiang - Mew Yangiang

Iridessa - Mew Iridessa

Thirza - Mew Thirza

Tokyo Mew Mew

Most of these girls show up in every episode!

Ichigo - Mew Ichigo

Zakuro - Mew Zakuro

Mint - Mew Mint

Lettuce - Mew Lettuce

Pudding - Mew Pudding

Berry - Mew Berry

Ringo - Mew Ringo

Grace - Mew Grace

Gwen - Mew Gwen

Moonlight mew mews

Kaimana - Mew Kai

Tiranaki - Mew Tiranaki

Arleia - Mew Leia

Celone- Mew Indigo

Tirisa - Mew Tiri

Sweetheart Mew Mews

Tessa Kinashuu - Mew Tessa

Lori Moke - Mew Lori

Cari Nimika- Mew Shinamon

Mashimaro Amai - Mew Marshmallow

Candace Amai - Mew Candy

Litemon Mew Mews

Heina Yami - Mew Darkness

Tianshi Yami - Mew Light

Noel Ikasasha - Mew Peace

Gabriella Koutetsu - Mew Icecap

Bunny Ikasasha - Mew Diamond

Amy Ikasasha - Mew Flair

Shani Haipa - Mew Chaos


Ryou Shirogane



Shadow Xin



R2006 / Little Litemon

R2007 and R2008 / Skully and Mortis

R2009 / Fuzzy

Ume Kinashuu








Tihana - Mew Death

Fate - Mew Mirror

Mephiles Heina

Episode List

Season 1

  1. Team up, New Mews are on the loose!
  2. Merry Christmas, Mew Mews!
  3. Motherly Love, will Tessa go home?
  4. The Mew Mew Ball
  5. Sugar and Spice, and Penguins?
  6. Slumber Party Madness!
  7. Thirza's wish, a secret from the heart, Nya!
  8. Come back Kitty!
  9. Twin Monkeys! Double Trouble!
  10. Tihana strikes again
  11. Stuck in preschool, a kitten's nightmare

Season 2

Season 3

Roleplay (Here we make our episodes!

Episode One: Team up, New Mews are on the loose!

(At Cafe Shining Star...)

Thirza: *finishes sweeping* It's quiet today...

Destiney: I agree

Ambrosine: I wanna cause monkey buisness!

Miley: Ambrosine don't!

Mortis: Please no monkey business!

Destiney: Oh boy..

Ambrosine: *starts running around the caf'e with Little Litemon* WOOHOO!

Litemon: *shooting strawberrys*

Sasha: Hit the deck!


Thirza: Waah!

Destiney: *darts around quickly catching every strawberry* Litemon stop being a cannon *laughs*

Ambrosine: I'm having fun!

Skully: CANNON!

Thirza: *chuckles*

(Someone walks in)

Destiney: Hello?

Iridessa: Who is it?

Thirza: It's Tessa!

Tessa: Hello! *she's in her Mew form, with a red haired, green eyed girl* This is Cari!

Cari: Hi!

Destiney: Hello!

Miley: Hi!

Sasha: Hey

Ambrosine: HOL'A!

Thirza: Hiyo!

Cari: *giggles*

Tessa: She's part of the Midnight Mews. Cafe Moonlight is just down town and we thought we'd come for a visit.

Destiney: Cool!

Ambrosine: Way cool!

Thirza: Awesome! Now we can stop by to say hi when we come here!

Destiney: Yeah!

Tessa: *chuckles*

Ambrosine: Who's the monkey on your team?

Tessa: We haven't found her yet.

Ambrosine: Oh okies!

Destiney: Ambrosine don't pester Tessa

Tessa: I don't mind questions

Cari: Woohoo! *backflips and does a split in the air*

Ambrosine: *claps* YAY!

Sasha: Wow...

Destiney: Neato!

Thirza: Whoa!

Fuzzy: Two five seven eight, Mew mews are really great!

Litemon: YAY!

Miley: How'd you do that?

Iridessa: Yeah, how?

Cari: I've been a cheerleader since second grade!

Destiney: What's a cheerleader?

Ambrosine: Oi vey, Destiney....

Cari: Let me demonstrate! *launches into a routine* Cotton Candy, Chocolate Mousse! Brand new Mew's are on the loose!

Destiney: *claps*

Miley: Very good!

Thirza: Awesome!
Cari: *takes a bow*

Tessa: We're going to have more fun than I thought!


Merry Christmas, Mew Mews!

(You can start this one Dest)


[It's a few day's before Christmas, The Emerald Mew Mews are preparing to decorate their caf'e!]

Destiney: What's this? *holds up tinsle*

Thirza: Uhh, I think it's called tinsle..?

Miley: Yeah that's right

Ambrosine: Lookie what I found! *holds up a stuffed monkey with a santa hat, it's singing jingle Bells!*

Thirza: Oh my gosh that's so cute!

Ambrosine: I know!

Destiney: *chuckles* Ambrosine you can be such a goofball

Thirza: Heha! *hums Deck the halls while putting Skully and Mortis on the tree* Deck the halls with fuzzy robots, fa la la la la, la la la la.

Destiney: *snickers* Oh geez thirza

Miley: Haha!

Skully: 'Tis the season to be sprinkles, da da da da da, da da da doo!

Thirza: Teehee!

Litemon: Jingle Lite, Jingle Lite, Litemon all the way!

Destiney: Litemon...

Mortis: Oh what fun it is to ride on a gravy boat today!

Thirza: Oh boy...

Ambrosine: GRAVY!

Yangiang: No Gravy Ambrosine!

(Cari cartwheels into the room)

Cari: WHEEE!!

Tessa: Cari wait!

Destiney: Be carefull!

???: Try not to hurt anyone!

Iridessa: Huh?

Tessa: Mama!

Ume: I told you I'd make it here for Christmas!

Destiney: Hiya!

Ambrosine: Welcome to our half decorated caf'e!

Ume: Hello everyone! Tessa tells me wonderful stories about all of you, *looks at Destiney and Thirza* especially you two.

Thirza: Really?

Destiney: *scratches the back of her head* Hehehe....

Ume: Oh yes, she tells me everything.

Thirza: *blushes* Everything?

Tessa: Everything!

Destiney: Oh gee *nerveous laugh*

Ambrosine: You have pretty hair..

Ume: *chuckles*

Thirza: *blushes dark red* I'm gonna kill you Tessa.

Destiney: But isn't it hard to kill angels, and Litemons in general?

Thirza: *play chokes Tessa* Today is the day she dies!

Tessa: Ah! *laughs*

Yangiang: *giggles*

Destiney: I wonder where my sisters are...

Thirza: Yea, I wonder if they're coming...

Ambrosine: That would be awesome if they did

Destiney: Yeah

Skully: And Shadow too! He nice to Skully!

Mortis: Can't forget 'bout Kisshu!

Destiney: *chuckles* Of course *smiles*

Sasha: Destiney you and Thirza meet so many people...

Thirza: *blushes* Yea... I'm glad I meet them though.

Kisshu: *appears at the door* Really?

Destiney: Hola Kisshu!

Ambrosine: Kisshu-san!

Thirza: Kisshu! *she runs up and hugs him*

Destiney: *chuckles*

Yangiang: Hello Kisshu

Kisshu: Hello..?

Thirza: I'm a hugger (X3)

Tessa: Heheh... *whispers to Ume* See?

Ume: *chuckles and whispers back* You were right!

Destiney: *lgares at them* Whatcha talking about?

Ambrosine: Yeah

Tessa: *smiles an evil smile* Nothing.

Skully: That's a LOT of nothing!

Litemon: *gets in Tessa's face* YOU LIE!

Thirza: *she blushes cherry red* Let's just forget about it and have some fun! (She has ears like a bat, she can hear nearly everything XD)

Destiney: Agreed!

Ambrosine: YAH! LET'S PARTEH!

Skully: TINSLE! *launches tinsle everywhere, finishing the decorating*

Destiney: *claps*

(SFX: Ding!)

Ume: *rushes into the kitchen and comes back with cookies* Cookie anyone?

Ambrosine: SURE!

Destiney: Ok

Thirza: Awesome!

Yangiang: Cool!

Destiney: *smiles*

Skully: Coookieeeeee!

Ambrosine: Ohh! You make really good cookies!

Kisshu: Ditto that!

Ume: Why thank you!

Ambrosine: Your Welcome!

Destiney: *chuckles*

Tessa: I'm so glad you came, Mama!

Ume: What's Christmas without the whole family?

Destiney: Yeah *smiles*

Sasha: It's not as special, that's what

(An alien girl appears at the door)

???: Ello people!

Kisshu: Tishky?!

Destiney: Huh? *tilts her head*

Ambrosine: AN ELF!

Cari: Are you an alien?

Trish: No, I'm a magical elf from the rainbow dimension! Of course I'm an alien! *chuckles*

Destiney: How does Kisshu know you?

Trish: We know each other from waaay back. My little sister loves him.

Destiney: Wow...

Ambrosine: Cool!

Yangiang: You know eachother that long?

Trish: Sh'ya!

Yangiang: Wow...

(Tianshi and Heina Yami Appear)

Tessa: Dest, your sisters are here!

Destiney: Huh?!

Tianshi: Destiney! *hugs her*

(A little girl toddles in and bumps into Hiena)

Celestina: Kitty?

Heina: Meow?

Celestina: Kitty! *hugs Hiena's shins*

Heina: Oh boy..

Destiney: *chuckles* Looks like she likes you, Heina

Thirza: Aww! She's so cute!

Trish: *kneels down* Come here, ya lil imp!

Tianshi: *giggles* D'awww...

Trish: *picks Celest up piggyback style*

Thirza: That's your little sister?

Trish: Yea, she's a lot eviler than she looks.

Destiney: I doubt that

Heina: Eviller than a pure Litemon demon?

Trish: Well no... But just wait, you turn all cat like and she'll be all over you!

(The clock strikes 10)

Thirza: Wow, sure is late!

Destiney: Oh yeah!

Heina: I'd be a demon cat

Celestina: Nigh-nigh?

Kisshu: Yup. Definately night night for you!

Tessa: *snickers*

Destiney: *chuckles*

Thirza: Hehe... (I gotta go for a bit DX I'll be back later tho)

Sasha: *smiles*

Destiney: -thinks- Oh mi gawsh is Sasha accually smiling?!

Skully: *flys up to the roof and sprinkles everything with sugar*

Cari: Sparkly!

Thirza: Whoa... *she grins*

Tessa: This truly is, the most magical time of year!


Motherly Love, will Tessa go home?

(The mews are battling a predisite, and it's closing in on Tessa!)

Mew Cari: Watch out!

Mew Destiney: Yeah Tessa!

Mew Grace: Should we help?

Mew Tessa: I've got this! RIBBON TE-AAAARGH!!

(The predisite slashed her arm, she falls to the ground)

Mew Thirza: Tessa-oneechan!

Mew Ambrosine: We have to help her!

Mew Gwen: RIBBON GWEN RUSH! *she finishes off the predisite*

Tessa: *changed back* Uuungh...

Mew Thirza: MEW PORT!

(At the Caf'e...)

Tessa: *shaking* I-I'm f-fine...

Ume: What were you doing out there?!

Destiney: she was doing what a Mew Mew was supposed to do

Ume: A what?

Cari: *looks at Tessa* You haven't told your own mother?

Grace: *anime confusion face*

Ume: What's a Mew Mew?

Thirza: Oh boy...

Destiney: Did I say something I shouldn't have?

Cari: *explains about Mew Mews* And Tessa's a Thylacine, *holds up a picture*

Ume: Oh my!

Grace: Why do shocked?

Ambrosine: Yah! Why?

Ume: Is that safe?

Destiney: *nods* As far as I can tell, no ones gotton anything pretty bad

Tessa: Nothing serious.

Grace: *nods* Besides if things do take a turn for the worse, Mews stick together, no one's left behind

Destiney: CORRECT!

Ume: *sighs* Tess, I think you should come back to Litemon with me, until your arm heals up at least.

Tessa: But that's not fair! I can't leave Cari alone!

Ambrosine: Don't take Oneechan away!

Ume: *sighs again* I'll leave the choice to you, Tessa. You decide what's right. *she leaves the cafe*

Grace: What are you going to do Tess?

Tessa: I don't know... But I think she's right...

Cari: You can't leave!

Destiney: Um...

Grace: Well it's your choice..

Ambrosine: DON'T GO!

Cari: We need you Tessie!

Ambrosine: YEAH!

Grace: It is HER choise...

Destiney: *nods*

Tessa: I'd love to stay...

Cari: Couldn't you try healing it with your Angel powers?

Ambrosine: Can't you Tessie?

Tessa: *shakes head* Not on my own.

Destiney: Do you want my help?

Tessa: Sure...

Thirza: We should be able to get it!

Destiney: Yup!

Ambrosine: How? Destiney your not a unicorn!

Destiney: ????

Thirza: Oi... *she gently places a hand on Tessa's arm*

Grace: Ambrosine, Unicorns aren't real...

Ambrosine: How do you know, your not human.

Destiney: *facepalm, put's her hand over Thirzas*

(Their hands glow bright turquoise, but the wound remains the same)

Destiney: Mergh... Maybe that's my fault...

Tessa: It's not your fault, there was some sort of poison on that Predisite's claws....

Destiney: Ooooohhh... wonder why...

Ambrosine: It was the Sea Witch!

Thirza: What?

Tessa: Gee whiz... We need someone who can cure nearly anything, or I gotta go pack

Ambrosine: *pulls out surgery tools* LEMME SEE!

Tessa: Wuah!

Destiney: *grabs Ambrosine* Don't Ambrosine!

Ambrosine: *giggly laugh* Let me go! I wanna help Tessa! *try's to reach Tess*

Thirza: Nyaaa! No way Ambrosine!

Ambrosine: Please Please Pretty Please!!!!!

Destiney: Ambrosine No! Your being blind to reality right now!

Grace: I thought she was always blind to reality

Thirza: *facepalm*

Grace: Oi... so now what do we do? We can't heal Tessa....

Destiney: Er... I don't really know

Thirza: *sigh*

Ambrosine: If you just let me-

Destiney & Grace: No Ambrosine!

Tessa: *stares hard at Ambrosine*

Ambrosine: Pweeeeeaaaaaseeeee? *big eyes*

Destiney: Don't fall for it!

Thirza: It's a trap!

Tessa: *sighs*

Gwen: Would Mew Aqua work?

Destiney: Maybe... what about...

Ambrosine: What's a trap?! Where?! *darts to hide under a table*

Thirza: Oi...

Tessa: What about what?

Destiney: Easily confusable nutty Ambrosine... eh don't worry 'bout Ambro, as long as she aint causing harm at the moment.

Cari: You were gonna say something? What about something?

Destiney: I was going to say that maybe if we tryed hard we could dig up Black Mew Aqua, but I don't know...

Gwen: Great! I'll go get the steam shovel!

Ambrosine: *comes out from under the table wearing mining equptment* I'm teamin up with Guinevere!

Destiney: *whispers in Thirzas ear* Wanna try the easy way and sneak into Mephiles base and just steal one of the ones he probably has?

Thirza: *whispers back* Yeah, I'll tell them we have to go to the dentist or something.

Destiney: *gives a thumbs up, then whsipers back* Maybe we should invite Heina, incase we need to distract him. She hates him anyways.

Thirza: *whispers* Good idea!

Destiney: *winks* Let's go.

Thirza: Hey guys, we have to go to the uh, dentist for uh... Some... Stuff! Yeah... Seeyagottagobye!!

Destiney: Yeah! Er.. ByeBye!

Ambrosine: I CA-

Grace: NO!

Destiney: *darts out with Thirza*

Gwen: What was that about?


Motherly Love, will Tessa go home? Part 2