Monica is an antagonist character in Deus Mew Mew. Her alias is Mew Crimson Prayer

Mew Crimson Prayer


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Not much was actually known about Mew Crimson Prayer when she first appeared, or whether she was even ever human at some point. Many people had seen her going about and causing mischief and chaos like Mew Diabolus, and it was assumed that she may be working under her, but nobody knew exactly for sure. After some time passed with those taking notice of the mysterious woman speaking with the wicked godly creation, it became apparent—Mew Crimson Prayer had originally been human and did indeed work with Mew Diabolus. However, who she originally was and how she came to work with the girl was never made clear to any mortal.

But in fact, Mew Crimson Prayer was human once, and she used to have a wonderful life. Her name was Monica, and she lived in Spain. She came from a religious family which, while they didn't have much, enjoyed a peaceful and good life. Monica had a family that loved her, friends that cared for her, and she even a job that paid well enough to support her family’s needs. Not everything was perfect, but for the most part, life was pleasant.

Things began to change, however, after a spot of bad luck began a series of unfortunate events like a catalyst, and these happenings hit the family hard, especially Monica. A bitter seed was planted in her, starting with the death of her mother, whom she was closest to. Afterwards, her father was cheated out of his money and left with nothing. The family began to suffer even further from then on. Monica found it difficult to trust anybody after a certain point, and became distant and cold. Her friends began to leave her because of it, and Monica began to grow even more spiteful. Eventually, she lost her job and her father began to drink heavily and become extremely depressed. He soon killed himself, and left his daughter alone in the world.
The once cheerful, kind Monica flew into a rage afterwards, blinded by the idea that her god had abandoned her. She became terrible and cruel to everyone she had ever known, and often times wanted to die. Mew Diabolus sensed such bitter hatred and vile thoughts in this girl and soon paid her a visit. Kamira introduced herself as she was and falsely sympathized with the girl, hoping to win her loyalty. She was able to manipulate Monica’s rage, spite and thought into a force useful to her. She offered Monica the chance to take her anger out on the rest of the mortal world with an invitation to posses the power of Hades, provided she do as told. Monica agreed, and she became infused with dark powers. Her name was since then forgotten, and it was presumed that she had died, when in fact, Kamira had taken her under her wing. While the two did not often agree or fight beside one another, they were still a wretched force when they did.
Her allies are Mew Diabolus and Mew Devi.


Mew Crimson Prayer is brutish, stubborn and bitter. She often disobeys her leader or does things her own way. She seldom works alongside Mew Diabolus, but she does do similar work to please both she and Hades. While Mew Crimson Prayer possesses great strength and power, she is very tortured by it. There are times where she still has humane thoughts and intends to refuse an order, but because she is bound to Hades and Mew Diabolus, she is forced to do it. At the times that she questions Hades’ order, he would cause her to suffer through enormous amounts of pain until she became obedient.


Mew Crimson Prayer possesses powers similar to Mew Diabolus. However, she is only able to channel them through her weapon, the Nightmare Cross. She is also able to go into a frenzied rage, in which she lashes out at her foes quickly and precisely for an extended period of time without ever needing a break.


Created by AnnikaDoll

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