A sequel to Tokyo Mew Mew: Replaced, NK4 project takes place four years after the end of TMMR.


The story takes place around 4 years after the end of Tokyo Mew Mew Replaced. The girls from the original show and the replacement team have now fully retired, and the aliens have migrated to Earth from their home planet and are now living peacefully among the humans completely integrated and unnoticed.

Though Tokyo is now quite peaceful with no extra terrestrial threats, Natasha has found herself longing for the "glory days" of being a Mew Mew. However, her and the other Mews have completely lost their powers due to Ryou's DNA purifier, and while she enjoyed her normal life she does miss the thrill of fighting enemies and saving people.

However, a new threat arises, and it looks like there is a need for the Mews again. However as Ryou can't just call up the originals, he needs to start a whole new experiment and formulae to infuse a new group of potential Mews. Natasha of course volunteers as a test subject as does Kashi, the old alien faction leader from TMMR (now goes by the name of Kashisu), but who will the other three teammates be?


Main Characters

Side characters


  • The team in this story is made almost entirely of male Mew Mews
  • Like TMMR, this story is discontinued (or rather never begun) as no chapters are being worked on and are likely not going to be worked on in the future. However all related pages will be updated and kept up to scratch.


NK4 Project
N4k team

Natasha Hoshimi + Kuranberi Taikouenkei + Kuroichigo Shikonjoukuu + Kashisu Aodoku + Kaki Gosaichi

Retired Mew Mews

Umeko Takeda + Aoi Kinomi + Mikan Koushaku + Rinzen Sakuranbo + Ichigo Momomiya + Mint Aizawa + Lettuce Midorikawa + Pudding Fong + Zakuro Fujiwara