Pheobe Jones is one of the characters from Mew Mew Power: Apprentice. She is the second Mew introduced and has the DNA of the Black Rhinoceros.

Biographical Information
Age 15
  • Un-named parents
  • Un-named younger brothers
Alias Phee
Romantic Interests Secret
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Weight 134 lbs
  • Peach hair
  • Hairstyle: Medium long, covers one eye in a shy style, flicky at the ends
  • Big brown eyes
  • Tan skin
Mew Form - Mew Pheobe
Animal DNA

The Black Rhinoceros


Peaceful Piccolo

Abilities Ribbon Harmony Restore
Mew Mark A Rhino horn surrounded by a ribbon with a heart underneath, on her forehead.
Other Information
  • Playing the piccolo
  • Great with animals
Pets Jack, her golden retriever rescue puppy
Likes Animals, volunteering, theatre, honey
Dislikes Animal cruelty, violence, meat products, tapioca

Pheobe Jones

A quiet girl with a compassionate heart, Pheobe is one of the main characters in the series and the second Mew to be found. She's soft-spoken and keeps to herself, but she has a strong sense of self worth and a love for animals. She was ecstatic to learn that she'd become a Mew, and is the most enthusiastic one on the team. Pheobe is apprentice to Renée Roberts, and is infused with the Black Rhinoceros.


Pheobe is mellow and soft-spoken, and maybe a bit shy. She typically keeps to herself, being perfectly pleased to mind her own business. Despite her quiet demeanor, Pheobe has a developed sense of self and is very confident with who she is, inside and out. While she's generally unassuming around most people, her loving and soulful nature shines when around animals.


Pheobe is a sturdy, well built girl with small hands and feet. She has a healthy tan and a good physique, if a little bit chubby. Her hair is flicky and peach coloured with bangs that cover one side of her face. She has a heart shaped face and big, round brown eyes with long, thick lashes. Pheobe likes to wear fluffy skirts and large, cable knit off the shoulder sweaters.

Mew Pheobe

Her Mew form is done and sketched, so expect this to fill out soon.


  • One of her weaknesses is her unwillingness to take charge. She's not the greatest leader.
  • Her favorite food is honey on toast, but she rather dislikes tapioca anything.
  • She spends her free time volunteering at a local zoo.
  • Pheobe excels in science and biology in school.