The Replacemnet Mew Team is the active group in the fanfic, Tokyo Mew Mew: Replaced. It consists of five members.




The Replacement Mew Team consists of:

  • Natasha Hoshimi
    • The main character, and un-official leader of the team. Second to transform into Mew form.
  • Umeko Takeda
    • The first to transform, but she doesn't take charge as the leader, preferring to play a more supportive role in the team. (if "support" means "dumb muscle")
  • Aoi Kinomi
    • Third to transform, a sort of wild card who almost never listens to orders, but somehow still pulls through.
  • Mikan Koushaku
    • Fourth Member of the team, actually quite compliant.
  • Rinzen Sakuranbo
    • spoiler =w=