Ringo Akai
Japanese Name 赤井 りんご (Akai Ringo)
Mew Name Mew Ringo
Age 10
Animal Humboldt Penguin
Weapon Appleticks
Attack Ribbon Apple Pop
Zodiac Cancer
Birthday July 1
Height 4'5" (134 cm)
Weight 30 kg (66 lbs)
Hair Color Brown (untransformed)
Hazel (transformed)
Eye Color Brown
Likes Nature, Yuki the penguin
Dislikes Evil
Relatives Mashiro Akai (Brother)
Team Tokyo Mew Mews
Platinum Mew Mews (in Platinum Mew Mew)
V.A. (Japanese) Taeko Kawata
Character Themes Iyashite Agetai
Rakuen wo Sagashite

Ringo Akai

Ringo Akai is a protagonist in the Japan-exclusive Tokyo Mew Mew PlayStation game. She is a 10-year-old who is fused with the genes of the Humboldt Penguin. She is unique among the Mews in that she was not infused with her animal by Ryou, but fused with her pet penguin thanks to a Mew Aqua pendant her mother gave her.


Ringo is a shy and reserved young girl, having lived her entire life on a nature preserve with only her older brother and pet penguin Yuki for company. She dislikes large crowds and doesn't have many friends because of how she grew up isolated on an island. When the other Mews arrive, though, she does start coming out of her shell and is able to become more confident and outgoing.


Ringo has light orange-brown hair that is cut in a choppy bob and extends about half way between her chin and shoulders. She has a large ahoge and tends to wear a thin red bow in the centre of her head. She has large childish eyes that are dark brown in color. The clothing she wears tends to be more casual and comfortable and she is never seen without the Mew Aqua pendant her mother gave her.

Mew Ringo

Mew Ringo's Transformation PLAYSTATION

Mew Ringo's Transformation PLAYSTATION

When transformed, Ringo's hair becomes slightly darker than normal, taking on a shade of hazel. Her eyes stay pretty much the same color. The main body of her outfit is bright red, and it flares out at her waist in a way similar to Lettuce's. There are two larger protrusions in the back and four shorter ones in the front. Under her bodice, she wears a pair of white bloomers. Her shoes are red Mary-Janes with white socks, she wears white gloves that reach just above her elbows, and her bow becomes much thicker and larger. Her arm puffs and choker are red with white trim and she is the only canon Mew to not wear a garter on either leg.

Her weapons are called the Appleticks, which are small pink wands with bright red apples on the top. At the base of the apples is the standard golden bow and pink heart decoration. Her only solo attack is Ribbon Apple Pop which is a healing attack, meaning she can't do any damage to an enemy without the help of another Mew.

Another odd ability Ringo has is the ability to understand animals. This is shown when she communicates with her pet penguin Yuki who had previously been transformed into a Chimera Anima.


Mew Mew Power: Apprentice

In Mew Mew Power: Apprentice, Ringo is known as Ronnie McIntosh and is one of the secondary supporting protagonists. She is thirteen years old and is shown to be a friendly, happy, somewhat clingy young girl and the most enthusiastic about the Apprentice Project. She has taken on ??? as her Mew apprentice after she discovers that her own Mew powers have been deteriorating. In this fanfiction, she has been infused with animal DNA just like the rest of the Mews, and has a Mew Mark to boot.

Mythical Mew Mew

During Mythical Mew Mew, Ringo is around 21 years old.

Magical Mew Mew

Ringo is 20 years old, she had given birth to a girl named Chiri Akai, before Ringo went to take a vacay with the others she gave Chiri her Mew Pendant and Yuki.