Mew zyamu

Ryani Zyamu

Ryani Zyamu is an only child, raised by Kita and Hoshi Zyamu. Though, unlike her parents, she's very laid back and has zero interest in the possessions of other people. Besides attending high school, she also takes singing lessons twice a week.

Even though Ryani is indeed laid back, she has the habit of overthinking things - and sometimes getting a little lost in those thoughts.

Ryani is infused with the DNA of South China Tiger, and is the newest addition to the original Tokyo Mew Mew crew.

Biographical Information
Age 16 years old.
  • Mother; Kita Zyamu.
  • Father; Hoshi Zyamu.
  • Rya-chan.
  • Tora-chan.
Romantic interest Ryou Shirogane.
Physical Description
Spiecies Human.
Gender Female.
  • Ruby eyes
  • Deep red hair, nearly black
  • Fair skin
  • 5'3" tall.
  • Mew Mark: Heart with tiger stripes, with circles on each side.
  • High school uniform
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Original Mew Mews
Weaponry Tigerclaw - similar to knuckles, with claws.
Abilities Mew Attack: Zyamu Lightning.
  • Mew Zyamu
  • Black
Other Information
  • Singing
V.A. (English) To be announced.
V.A. (Japanese) Maaya Sakamoto.
Theme song(s)
  • Universe - Maaya Sakamoto
  • Strawberry Jam - Ai Otsuka


Ryani is generally a happy person, but has her tsundere moments every once in a while, especially when being teased. She's very trusting though and she cares a lot for the people around her. Her spirit is strong - even after being dragged down she surely will find a way to get back up.

She secretly looks up to Zakuro and wishes she could be as cool and composed as her - especially since Ryani has a way of letting her emotions get the best of her, which has lead to some awkward moments.

Mew Zyamu

The creation of Mew Zyamu started out as a bit of a mystery, as there was no record of her DNA ever being sent out from the Mew base.

In reality, Ryani was infused with the tiger DNA because of a certain alien. An unsatisfied alien, determined to start yet another war, in hopes of gaining Kisshu's attention. In time, it's discovered that Mew Zyamu's tiger fusion is mixed with alien DNA. And so starts the journey of trying to get it out of her body without killing her.

Due to the alien inside of her, Mew Zyamu's colors are red rather than orange. Her transformations gives her a long tiger tail and black ears, as well as incredible speed.

Her weapons are knuckles with claws, which generates a powerful electric attack - called Zyamu Lightning - which either stuns or fries the enemy. Her outfit is simple and comfortable, perfect for jumping and running, and her gloves hide her Mew Mark, which is on her right wrist.


  • Ryani has been my most loved OC since I was about 11 years old, and she has developed a lot over time.
  • Her mother is obsessed with money and her father is over-protective - which makes it hard for her to actually date anyone.
  • Ryani's story begins about two years after the original Tokyo Mew Mew.


"Mew Mew Zyamu! Metamorphosis!"

"wha—Minto said we were on a break!"