Sarah is one of the protagonist characters in Deus Mew Mew. Her alias is Mew Faith.

Mew Faith


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Mew Faith used to live in a small town as Sarah Reed, sharing an apartment with her friend as she had just begun to live life on her own. She worked in a daily job and spent her evenings and weekends with her friend, sightseeing and shopping. Sarah was a very kind and naturally good person, always putting others ahead of herself. One day, she decided to take a trip to a large city with her friend to visit some great, impressive structures and sight-see.

Mew Diabolus her accomplice Mew Devi happened to be there, and they immediately took notice of Sarah and her oh-so kind nature. Kamira was annoyed by Sarah’s mere presence because of it, so she decided to stir things up. While on the top of a large bridge that hung high over an area of the city, Sarah noticed the two girls and tried to warn everyone, having heard about them but never encountering them before. However, before anyone could act, Mew Diabolus split the structure in two, leaving some to fall down on the hard pavement below and others to hang on for their lives. Sarah was split from her friend, hanging on to but a small metal beam that stuck out from her side. Her friend, also hanging on for her life, tried frantically to reach Sarah, but could not, despite her best efforts. Within a small amount of time, Mew Angelus showed up, having waited for her twin to rear her ugly head from in the shadows where she hid. She saw what had happened and immediately jumped in.
Unfortunately, Mew Devi stopped her and Mew Diabolus decided to force her to make a choice—save either one or the other, but not both. Sarah didn’t want to die, but she certainly didn’t want to lose her friend. She refused to allow Mew Diabolus to control the situation, so Sarah let go of the metal beam and dropped down to her death.

Mew Diabolus was furious that she didn’t get to play her game as planned, but she was satisfied that the girl was dead. She took off with Mew Devi, which allowed Mew Angelus to rescue Sarah’s friend, who was absolutely crushed at the loss, but glad that she had been able to do what was right. Mew Angelus flew away, not wishing to interfere with the situation further. However, she decided to do something to reward Sarah’s sacrifice, and so she took the girl’s spirit and revived it. With Zeus’ permission, she was able to bring Sarah back by recreating her in a similar fashion that Zeus had Kimera. Unfortunately, Sarah retained no memory of her previous life, and she certainly was not allowed to live among the mortals anymore. However, she still had a kind and honest heart and was willing to do whatever possible to fight against Kamira. She was then named Mew Faith and allowed to work under Mew Angelus and Zeus.

Her allies are Mew Angelus and Mew Hope


Mew Faith is kind-hearted, courageous and honest. She is always willing to sacrifice her own health to save another. Mew Faith is loyal, radiant and will do her best to accomplish any order she is given. While Mew Faith does not remember anything about her previous life, she does remember that she was once human and once lived in the mortal world.


Mew Faith possesses mostly the powers of the sea and the clouds. She can control water and haze, and is able to channel her powers through her weapon, the Cloudy Bell. Mew Faith rarely deals physical blows and is very dependent on her powers to fight.


Created by AnnikaDoll

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