An Alien sent over to Tokyo to investigate the disappearance of Mew Aqua and Deep Blue. She works with Kashi and her brother, Mashumaru. She appears in Tokyo Mew Mew: Replaced.

Bio & Personality

Sofure and her younger brother both leave their alien planet to get away. While she does strongly dislike her feeble home planet, she often gets more homesick than her brother who seems to not care at all. This means while she does take her time getting the Mew Aqua, she does still have some motivation to do her job.

Sofure is also quite cold and more argumentative than her other two partners. She shares her brothers temper and often picks fights with the Mews.


Sofure has long curly purple hair and like the rest of her kin, she has yellow eyes, pale skin and pointed ears. Her jawline is soft and rounded and while her eyes are pointy and sharp.

She wears a short jacket with a cropped vest inside as well and a pair of harem pants.


Prior to TMMR

Sofure and her brother lived on the barren alien planet. When Kashi volunteered to investigate what happened to the missing aliens, Mashumaru wanted to go along with him to get out of the planet and Sofure readily agreed. Together with the other two she travels to Earth and makes herself quite comfortable in the blue planet, though she often misses home and thus rushedly agreed to help Shinichi Kukuou when he said there was a way to revive their home planet.

During TMMR

Becoming a Mew

Sofure, like Mashumaru lays low for the first parts of TMMR. She mainly allows Kashi to send out the Chimera and takes a back seat to the action.

New Teammates, New Enemies

Kashi reveals himself to the team, but both Sofure and Mashumaru stay back still, though they begun helping to create Chimera.

A Foe in Mew's clothing

Sofure appears during a shopping trip, when three of the tea are alone at a shopping center. She also flirts with Ryou while she's there and threatens him, but the team fend her off. She continues to attack the Mews directly and indirectly with Kashi, putting pressure on them.
After failed attempts to get Rinzen on their side, she and the others recruit Anei and they often train together.

The Scientists True Intentions

When Shinichi reveals his true intentions, Sofure and the other aliens are disgusted and attempt to flee with Anei. However, she gets left behind and the aliens aren't able to rescue her on their own. Sofure agrees to join forces with the Mews, and joins the others in the distraction plan. She also fights along side everyone else during Shinichi's final stand, and after everything is resolved, she begins a comfortable life on Earth as a human.




Umeko Takeda and Aoi Kinomi

Ryou Shirogane

Anei Kyuukei

Shinichi Kukuou

Skills & Abilities

Sofure is stronger and faster than normal humans and she shares the ability to teleport and hover like her cohorts. She uses mainly animal Chimera and while she doesn't exactly fight herself often, she is adept at using her teleportation skills to evade and confuse her enemies.