Tokyo Mew Mew! Elements is Cure Kohaku/Yoshi0001's first fanseries. The story is about 5 girls who transform into Mew Mews using the power of animals and elements. It is similar to her Precure fanseries Twinkling Pretty Cure!


Mew Mews

  • Aina Hanahoshi/Mew Aina

Aina is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl who loves to sing and dance. Her alter ego is Mew Aina, and she has the power of love. Her theme color is pink, and she is fused with the DNA of a pygmy rabbit.

  • Daisy Kohaku/Mew Daisy
  • Lila Aotsuki/Mew Lila
  • Hime Kisora/Mew Hime
  • Rose Kurumi/Mew Rose


  • The differences between Twinkling Pretty Cure! and Tokyo Mew Mew! Elements are:

In Twinkling Pretty Cure!:

  • The characters theme colors are yellow, pink, blue, orange, and purple.
  • The main character's theme color is yellow.

In Tokyo Mew Mew! Elements:

  • The characters theme colors are the same, but the order is switched around.
  • The main character's theme color is pink.