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Series Subcategory Issue

I wanted to take a minute to address a series/story subcategory issue...

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Keeping Images Organized

I'm still in the midst of renaming images and want to take the time to remind all users of the following...

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New Year, New Updates!

Happy new year Mew Mew fans! With the new year, we have a bit of new updates...

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Policy Updates for Incomplete and Below-Standard Pages

The amount of sub-par and incomplete pages is massive, so policy has been updated to reflect that. Pages will be added to candidates for deletion based on the activeness of the user, the state of the page, and the length of time that the page has been unedited. Users can save their pages from deletion as well depending on the status of the page.

Please see the Manual of Style, Category:Candidates for deletion, and Category:Incomplete Pages for more information on this.

Blog: Incomplete Pages Problem

Hey guys, I'd like to talk about the massive amounts of incomplete pages we have here on the wiki. It's kind of a problem...

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Image Categories: Let's Keep Those Images Organized!

Just added a legend to Image Categories to make it easier to distinguish them all. Do make sure you are categorizing your images after uploading them, and avoid uploading duplicates! We're still working on organizing all the images on the wiki, so we ask that you please do your part to keep it neat and tidy!~

Spoiler Blur

Annika here! Just added the ability for us to use spoiler blur, which essentially blurs out text until you hover over it. Do keep in mind when using this, though, that it may not show up on mobile!

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Blog: New Changes to the Wiki~!

Hello everyone! RoyalMinty and AnnikaDoll here with some exciting new updates for the wiki! We've been talking on Discord a little about implementing these changes, so please give this a good read!

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Featured Pages

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Galaxy Mew Mew

GMM - Logo (Full)

Galaxy Mew Mew is this poll cycle's featured series and was created by Annika!

The series is an AU set in space in the future, after the human race has been run out of the Earth by rampantly running Chimera Anima. They've been forced to live on colony ships to survive. A man named Akio Fujioka is the main scientist who creates the Galactic Mew Project to infuse a team of people with animal DNA and galactic elements. He first finds Niji Harada, and the story goes from there.

The story's main Mew team, called the Galaxy Mews is comprised of five girls, one of which who is an alien who's fled from her planet and landed on Earth. They all fight against an alien named Ehne, who constantly antagonizes and tries to stop the Mews. The story currently has 12 thrilling chapters and 8 planned epilogues, with three already currently out!

Neylaria Pevtel

Mew Crystal PNG

Neylaria is this poll cycle's featured Mew and was created by MagdalenaFeos!

Neylaria is an energetic and cheerful girl who always tries to make others smile. She's one who holds steadfast to what she believes is right. Neylaria enjoys a variety of things like jewelry, fashion, and shopping.

Neylaria becomes Mew Crestel and is infused with the DNA of a Russian Blue Cat. She fights using the Rod of Gems and the Crystal Slicer, and her attacks are "Crystal Light Slice" and "Gemling Wind". The first lets her purify enemies, and the second is a finisher. In her group, she can also attack with "Mew Cosmical Balance".

Neylaria's infusion lets her fall from high heights without issue, but she can also smell fish from anywhere and will sometimes have her ears and tail pop out when she's scared, angry, or upset!

Dark Mew Mews

The Dark Mew Mews are this poll cycle's featured villains and were created by Melody the fangirl!

The Dark Mew Mews are an antagonist team of Mews in Doux Mew Mew and is comprised of three members: Mew Dark Blackberry, Mew Dark Orange, and Mew Dark Lemon.

Mew Dark Blackberry, or Victoire Jacquet, is the leader, infused with the DNA of the Maclaud's Horseshoe Bat. She's become jealous of not being able to be part of the Tokyo Mew Mews, and she is swayed into joining the villain's side. Her weapon is the Blackberry Harp, with which she can play music to hurt or tire others.

Mew Dark Orange, or Madeline Breton, is infused with the DNA of the Red Fox, and she fights only because she is bored and constantly annoyed. She has no care in the world about who she hurts, and she releases all her frustrations through her work in the team. Her weapon is the Orange Scepter, with which she can shoot rays of darkness. Her attack is Dark Orange Burst

Mew Dark Lemon, or Claudine, is the youngest of the team and is infused with the DNA of a Raccoon. She was tricked into fighting with the team, but comes to doubt her teammates later. She is unable to quit despite trying to, and is slowly corrupted into becoming evil until the Doux Mew Mews save her. She fights with the Lemon Staff and attacks with Dark Lemon Smack, and later Ribbon Lemon Smack

ABC Mew Messenger

ABC Mew Messenger Logo

ABC Mew Messenger is this poll cycle's featured article and was created by Annika!

The ABC Mew Messenger is a main location in ABC Mew Mew. It's a messaging app created and programmed by the team's leader, Aisha Avida. Her two leading teammates help maintain and design it, with Callie Carrion working the social aspects of it and making suggestions, and Beth Blake helping with color and designs, even drawing Mew Marks of all new Members and integrating them in the app so that the girls can use their respective marks as icons.

The messenger is a place where all the ABC Mews can go to talk to one another in private about their lives as Mews, or to just chat in general. The team of 26 girls and women all interact in group chats, but they can also do private messages. The app has a variety of customizable features. including in interface, user color choices, and custom profiles!

Mod Picks
This cycle, we're looking at our mods' favorite songs from the show!

RoyalMinty's Pick:

Ano Hi Wo Wasurenai

I find this song to be incredibly calming, something about the gentle guitar chords and subtle percussion immediately puts me at ease and melts my stress away. The song also has a slightly melancholic tone, like the singer’s looking back on past events with a sort of bittersweet nostalgia, knowing that those times have long since passed and that she’ll eventually have to move on. I can kind of relate to that.

Annika's Pick:

Kusen ~ Hard Battle

I’ve always been partial to dramatic and tense battle music, or songs played in dire situations that are meant to evoke strong feelings in the audience. I think this one in particular does manage to convey a sense of discomfort or fear with its use of strings. The pairing of this with harder drum beats in an almost marching and orderly rhythm makes it much more unsettling and creates this sense of urgency. The lighter wind instruments used are equally matched with the other instruments to further evoke this uneasy feeling in the listener.


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