Tokyo Mew Mew au Lait starts up three years after the Saint Rose Crusaders have become benign. It explains how the Mew Project research was conducted, along with filling in several other plot holes left over by the original manga and anime.

Tokyo Mew Mew au Lait is a fan made anime series based off of the manga and anime Tokyo Mew Mew. It revolves around a 16 year old girl named Creme Kuroikurisutaru. Creme was dropped off at an orphanage where she soon became best friends with a boy named Hansuke. It is then revealed that neither of them can be adopted because of pre-existing causes. Hansuke has severe anger management issues, and Creme has cat ears and a tail.

Both show promise at the age of ten and compete for a chance to study at a private school in northern Japan when they are ten. Creme purposely flunks the test when she sees how much Hansuke wants to get in. Hansuke is then taken to the school.

Creme is alone for five years. When Hansuke comes back, he tells Creme that he has volunteered her as a candidate for the Mew Project, a biological engineering project that he and a friend named Shirogane were working on at the school. Creme is told that she must find four girls who will be willing to become Mews. After the first team-mate is found, Hansuke talks about the new enemy, the Davidians.

The Davidians are a group of people who have gaps in there chromosomal structure and who can absorb traits from those around them through touch. They have been ridiculed and even prosecuted by the government and are looking to over-throw and take control of the country. The Au Lait team must rally all their friends to face the upcoming battle.




  • Name- Creme says that her last name is Kuroikurisutaru, which means black crystal, but being an orphan, no one really knows what her last name is.
  • Color- Black and White
  • Animal- Domesticated house cat
  • Age- 16
  • Birthday- May 11 (this is also just something Creme says. No one knows when her birthday is.)
  • Physical Appearance (Pre-transformation)- White-blonde hair with green cat eyes. Light skin. Almost always wears hair in a pony tail. Has creamy-orange cat ears and tail. About 5'3 and 1/2".
  • Physical Appearance (Post transformation)- White-Blonde hair and green cat eyes. creamy-orange cat ears and tail. White vest with princess seams. Black ribbon holds up her double layered puffy skirt. First layer is white, second layer is black. black bow in hair. Garter and collar are white ribbon with bows. gloves are white wrist-length one finger gloves. Shoes are white with cork wedge heel and black ribbon. Detached sleeves and cinched with ribbon. Fur/Lace is black. All other elements follow traditional guidelines.
  • Marking- Lower back. Black ribbon.
  • Weapon- Kuroi/Shiroi Creme Plasma. A glass ball filled with plasma. Later, when the attack strengthens, it has a white or black bow.
  • Attack- Kuroi/Shiroi Ribbon Creme Infinity! Glass ball breaks, releasing the energy. It rushes toward enemy.
  • Special Abilities- Attack stabilizes the people with no genes' DNA format. Can see perfectly in the dark.
  • Character Item- Ribbons
  • Love Interest(s)- Hansuke (?) Daifuku (?)
  • Waitress Uniform- Only Mew on the Au Lait team to work at Café Mew Mew. Black outfit with grey and white accents.
  • Personality- Creme is an orphan and the strong willed leader of the Au Lait team. She has a bit of trouble socializing, however much she would like to make friends. She's clumsy when her tail is tucked away. She works for low pay after school for the orphanage. Once she is introduced to Shirogane, she works at Café Mew Mew. She was relieved of a disfiguring tumor by a mysterious woman who gave Creme her name and a necklace to be remembered by. She has a bit of a temper, but is very good with the children at the orphanage
  • Fun Fact- Even though Creme was technically the first Mew Mew, Creme is the eighth Mew Mew to transform/join the Mew Mews, after Ringo and Berry. Hansuke and Shirogane used her DNA to create a template for the other Mew Mews.


  • Color- Golden Brown
  • Animal- Peregrine Falcon
  • Age- 18
  • Birthday- Unknown
  • Physical Appearance (Pre-transformation)- Has chest-length gold-brown hair. Her hair and bangs are parted down the center of her head, grey eyes, whitish skin. About 5'5".
  • Physical Appearance (Post transformation)- Gold hair with chains around her bangs. She has golden bird wings and tail. Gold-brown dress with princess seams. Dress has plunging neckline that almost wraps around breasts. Dress ends around hips, but drops around the back until about calf-length to mimic a bird's tail. Has shorts under dress. Boots are knee-high with large hole on the front. Chains run down the length of this hole. Brown French heel. Gloves are form-fitting, with chains cinching them at the wrist. Detached sleeves are cinched by chains. Garter and choker are chains. Fur/Lace is brown. All other elements follow traditional guidelines.
  • Marking- Just above right breast. A circle with three lines coming from it, each with a circle coming out of them.
  • Weapon- Daifuku chain. A chain and ball set.
  • Attack- Ribbon Daifuku Bind. Chain and ball wraps around enemy and prevents then from moving.
  • Special Abilities- Can see ultraviolet light rays
  • Character Item- Chains
  • Love Interest(s)- Hansuke (?), Creme (?)
  • Personality- Silent. Hard to read. Very intelligent. She thinks that talking too much prevents you from thinking. Possibly the most mature of the group. She is a Davidian. Lived on the streets until Creme took her in. She used to be the leader of the Davidians.
  • Fun Fact- Daifuku never calls out to summon her weapons nor does she call out her attack. She does not speak until the final battle. Throughout the story she does try to communicate through hand gestures.


  • Name-
  • Color- Powder Blue
  • Animal- Polar Bear
  • Age- 14
  • Birthday- December 29th
  • Physical Appearance (Pre-transformation)- Dark blue, almost black hair. Hair is kept parted to the left. Deep blue eyes. About 5'2"
  • Physical Appearance (Post transformation)- Bright blue hair and eyes. Hair is mostly in a bun with two twists coming out of it and going back in to create a bow like appearance. White bear ears and tail. Wears knitted mittens and mukluks (a type of knitted shoe used by the Inuits) cinched with pom-poms. Top has a rounded neck-line with a hole in the center. Hole has five strings in the shape of a star. bottom is a pair of shorts with a stylized upper hem-line that has four points with pom-poms hanging off of them. Garter and choker are bands with pom-poms on them. Lace/Fur is sky blue. Detached sleeves are normal, but fastened with pom-poms. All other elements follow traditional guidelines.
  • Marking- On outside of left knee. A blue star.
  • Weapon- Blueberry Harpoon! A simple staff made of ice with a blue crystal star at the top.
  • Attack- Ribbon Blueberry Freeze! Twirls harpoon above her head then brings it down and stab the ground with it. Freezes enemies in a block of ice. Ice then bursts, into shard like pieces.
  • Special Abilities- Has visions of the future.
  • Character Item- Pom-poms
  • Love Interest(s)- ?
  • Personality- She's relatively quiet compared to Curry and Loquat. She loves singing, playing piano, violin, flute, and guitar. She enjoys acting and singing above all else. She's very intelligent. She was moved up to freshman year because of intelligence. She is constantly picked on by older class-mates. She lives with her mother, who is working two jobs to make ends meet. Her father was killed in a car accident when she was 11.
  • Fun Fact- When Blueberry's mother was pregnant, she constantly craved blueberries which is how Blueberry received her name.


  • Name-
  • Color- Red
  • Animal- Indian Brown Mongoose
  • Age- 17
  • Birthday- June 18
  • Physical Appearance (Pre-transformation)- Black straight hair that reaches her calves. She has burgundy eyes. very tan skin. She is about 5'10"
  • Physical Appearance (Post Transformation)- Black hair with red shine in a pony tail with 5 gold rings cinching it. Red eyes. Red eyes on her palms. Has light brown mongoose ears and fluffy mongoose tail. Red top with rounded v-neck. Bottom is a red mini skirt. Has golden rings securing red sheer cloth on her forearms and calves. Her garter and collar are worn in the same fashion. Her detached sleeves are made of sheer cloth and cinched with gold bands. She has a large piece of sheer cloth that wraps around from her right shoulder to her left hip to imitate a sari. Her lace/fur is orange.
  • Marking- A red circle with five lines coming out of it. the two outer most lines are curved outwards. located on her right shoulder
  • Weapon- Mew Curry Fangs! Two silver sickles with red handles and golden accents.
  • Attack- Mew Curry Spice! When cut with the fangs, fire is left behind, which burns the cut.
  • Special Abilities- Ironically, healing. Being touched by Curry's eyes of Fatima is known to heal.
  • Character Item- Sheer cloth
  • Love Interest(s)- ?
  • Personality- Curry is a rich only child. She looks down on other people and is very distant. She left India at the age of 7 and has never really gotten over it. She hates living in Japan and wants to "go home." Her parents are never home, but pressure her to do well in school so that she can take over the family business. She would rather be a nurse. She is more religious than the other girls. She is Hindu. She has no friends until she joins the Au Lait team.
  • Fun Fact- Curry's real name is Kali, but due to Japanese pronunciation, the "l" becomes an "r," Which turns Kali into Kari, Which sounds like Curry. She initially hates being called Curry, but gets used to it.


  • Name-
  • Color- Orange
  • Animal- Australian Wild Dog (dingo)
  • Age- 16
  • Birthday- November 2
  • Physical Appearance (Pre-transformation)- Light brown shaggy hair, parted down the middle. hair extends to waist. She has one brown and one purple eye. She is tanned. About 5' 7 1/2"
  • Physical Appearance (Post Transformation)- Dark orange hair, one orange eye and one purple eye. Orange-brown dog ears and tail. Wears work gloves and work boots made from leather. Top has a deep V-necked vest that reaches from the shoulders to her chest. The bottom of the vest is an inverted V-neck that reaches from the ribs to the sides of the stomach. Has a pair of tiny booty shorts that are held up by a belt. Suspenders hanging from sorts as well. Garter and choker are belts as well. Detached sleeves are cinched with belts. Lace/Fur is brown orange. All other elements follow traditional guidelines.
  • Marking- On right hip. An orange triangle pointing down with two angle pointing in opposite directions above it.
  • Weapon- Loquat Boomarang! A wooden boomarang with orange detailing.
  • Attack- Ribbon Loquat Loop! Throws boomarang and it gets bigger. It can hit people or it can dig into the ground to create a trench.
  • Joke Attack: Ribbon Loquat Snap! Takes suspenders and snaps/whips people with them. This attack rose from a conversation where the others made fun of Loquat's useless suspenders. She has a belt, why does she need suspenders? She doesn't even wear them right.
  • Special Abilities- Can tell how people will act by looking at them.
  • Character Item- Belts
  • Love Interest(s)- ?
  • Personality- Very boisterous. She has a fear of silence. She could been seen as a counterpart to Daifuku in this matter. She is very opinionated and head-strong. She works in construction to support herself. She was taken from her parents by child services at the age of 12. Her parents neglected and abused her and her sister.
  • Fun Fact- Loquat had a younger twin sister named Miki who had severe mental disabilities. Due to Loquat's parents' lack of care, Miki only lived to be 12.


  • Name- Last name is unknown
  • Age- 16
  • Birthday- Unknown
  • Physical Appearance- Dark brown hair, reaches to the nape of the neck in the back and just above the eyebrows in the front. Has a large ahoge on top of his head. Brown eyes,
  • Love Interest(s)- Creme, Daifuku (?)
  • Personality- He used to be shy as a child because he was always segregated from the other children. Once he met Creme he started to open up and be the energetic boy he really was. He is in love with Creme because she is his only friend, which is the main reason she is hesitant. Around strangers he is very shy. He has very bad anger management issues. He flies into a blind rage and destroys everything around him. However, it takes quite a bit to make him angry.
  • Fun Fact- Hansuke has a place where he goes when he is overcome by rage. it is a small courtyard surrounded by high bushes. No one but he and Creme know where it is. As a parting gift, Hansuke "gives" the place to her. Creme would go there to read the letters he sent her.


Queen Bee

  • Name: Unknown. simply goes by Queen Bee
  • Color- Pale green
  • Animal- Lake Huron Locust
  • Age- 20
  • Birthday- March 29
  • Physical Appearance (Pre-transformation)- Light brown chin-length hair, grey eyes. White skin.
  • Physical Appearance (Post Transformation)- Light brown hair, grey eyes, pale green transparent wings. Antennae extend from head. Wears pale green cuffs with small pointed studs. Anklets are pale green with small pointed studs. Top is a short puffy tube top. bottom is a pair of puffy shorts. Garter and choker are bands with small pointed studs. Detached sleeves are cinched by small pionted studs. Lace/Fur is pale yellow. All other elements follow traditional guidelines.
  • Marking- Small green circle with four lines on her left cheek.
  • Weapon- Queen Bee Loppers! A scissor-like device with curved blades. Looks like a very dangerous gardening tool.
  • Attack- Ribbon Bee Crush! Loppers crush whatever is in them.
  • Special Abilities- Can see ultraviolet light rays.
  • Character Item- Studs
  • Love Interest(s)- Hansuke
  • Personality- Queen Bee is sadistic and violent. She hates life in general and is willing to get revenge on those who hurt her by any means possible. She has no regrets, but is also a very unhappy individual.
  • Fun Fact- *SPOILER* In the final part of the story, it is revealed that after the Davidians overthrew the government, Queen Bee planned to kill herself.


  • Demands that all research (including the Mew Mews themselves) be turned over for "professional" reseach.
  • Tries to contain the Mews on several occasions.
  • Demands that the Davidians turn themselves in for "professional" research, which only makes the Davidians angrier and more violent.
  • Attempt to take the Mews and Davidians by force.
  • Refuse to tell the public about the threat of the Davidians.
  • Get in the way of the Mews during battles.