I just noticed a few things about things when I was clearing out things no longer in use.


As of right now there are a number of pictures with names that consist only of a sequence of random letters and numbers.  Please do not do this.  There are too many at this point for me to realistically go through every single picture, rename all the random sequence pictures, and then fix all links that will be broken by the move, but anything uploaded from here on out will be checked and moved if it doesn't have some sort of proper title.  Even if it's just "mewpoptart1" that's fine, but all the "Screen-shot-2009-11-29-at-3-49-44-pm" and "2177821015_1" pictures will no longer be acceptable, thank you.

Fan Art

Referring to fan art of the canon characters of course. Users are absolutely prohibited from posting fan art that is not properly sourced. If there is no source given then the art will be removed and you will receive a warning. The correct way to source a piece of fan art is to link to the original source (please make sure it is the original and not a reposting by someone else). You can do this by pasting the link directly into the image description or by making it so that clicking the image itself will send you to the page. If you want to post someone else's fan art then it is probably best that you ask them before doing so because even if you link back to them they may not be okay with their work being posted on another site without their knowledge. If a piece of fan art was drawn by you then it is preferable you still link to your original posting, but if that's here on the wiki itself then you're welcome to just link to your user page.

NB: The picture having a watermark of any sort does not exclude it from needing to be sourced, thank you.


The wiki currently has less than a hundred videos on it.  I deleted almost three hundred of them that were no longer in use and about half of those were deleted/moved/unavailable for whatever reason.  Please, if you're removing a video from your character's page, don't be afraid to mark it for deletion.  And especially if you see a video is no longer available, mark it for deletion.  I'd like to avoid having to sift through a sea of broken and unavailable files again in the future.