This is for all you returning users who have discovered that their pages are missing and deleted.

It's not you, it's the page.

If a user has disappeared from the wiki, their pages are very much still subject for deletion. If they're below standard and still sitting in the "Incomplete pages" category for over three months, (or less, depending,) they will be deleted. (Exceptions can be made if you are going on vacation, going to college, etc. You just have to let us know.) It's not you, it's your page. We don't like to keep below standard pages on the wiki if we perceive that they won't be edited to improve them. They were deleted for a reason, so please don't freak out on us poor admins because your page is gone.

Exceptions will only be made if you contact an administrator!

Art cannot save a page.

Regardless of how good your art is, if your page consists of a blank profile with just a picture and isn't edited for three months, it is still subject for deletion. As always, exceptions can be made if you contact an administrator.

Wait! Page, come back!

There's no need to panic if your page has been deleted! It can be restored! All you have to do is (nicely!) message someone on our staff team, and ask them to have your page restored. Just remember to tell them the name of the page, so they can find it!

Please keep in mind, administrators do indeed have the right to refuse to restore a page. (For example, a page belonging to a banned user.) If your page is refused restoration, there's probably a good reason for it.


All pictures on the wiki that weren't being used on any pages (upwards of 1000 (with the exception of the favicon file and the best picture ever to grace the face of the wiki)) were deleted to help keep things organized.  This includes pictures from pages that have been deleted.  Admins generally try to restore all your images as well, but if you see a broken file link on your character's page then just mention it on an admin's wall and they can get that sorted for you!

What's the catch?

Every page that was deleted for a reason and then restored is placed in the "Candidates for deletion" category until they have been edited. If a restored page isn't edited within a one month period, it will be re-deleted. If a page has been deleted again, it can still be restored. However, if your page is deleted a third time, the admins likely won't be as willing to restore it.